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A/B Testing And AI Are Leading Retailers Into The New Year January 12, 2018

The professionals in retail marketing have watched machine learning and artificial intelligence, or AI, become dominant in their industry for the last several years. Traditional marketing is in the past, and the new marketing strategies are dependent on AI. Automated marketing platforms, personalization and A/B testing have coined the word marketicians. The marketicians have the necessary skills to manage and operate platforms driven by AI, and create intelligent, effective and creative customer communication. The expectation for 2018 is AI will be used by retail teams for new approaches to marketing, and the integration of technological platforms.

AI, machine learning and A/B testing have generated a lot of hype, and science teams and drive vendors are using strategic iniatives, optimization solutions and deep learning to enable consistently more complicated R&D processes. The role of the CMO is being replaced with technological marketing experts as the influence of AI continues to expand throughout the field. Due to the necessary time and expertise required, a lot of the retail departments are falling behind, or failing entirely with the new technology. Science, data and analytics groups are collaborating with many of the CMO’s, and an extensive background in marketing is becoming a necessity for mid-management.

Personalization is becoming standard in retail to achieve and maintain the loyalty of their customers. To stay competitive, businesses are using technology including optimization platforms, orchestration analytics, A/B testing, recommendation engines and data based promotional offers. The attributes of the retail campaigns have changed, and focus on personalization and customer satisfaction. AI is being used to determine the preferences and histories of the consumer.

The most loyal customer base is being earned online, and data has become critical for retail. Personalization technology was used in the beginning by online retail, and the physical locations are having difficulty staying competitive. Connecting physical locations and ecommerce is challenging, and the new brands of the younger generation are expected to stay ahead of the competitors in 2018. One of the biggest challenges will be for the marketing managers and CMO’s as they try to compete in 2018. Their departments must be reinvented, and AI applied if they intend to keep up with the changes.

The brands capable of effectively using AI technology, and thinking digitally will be ahead of their competition. These brands will take the challenges and turn them into opportunities. Communication with the customers is the critical point, and the businesses who succeed will emerge as the winners. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Boosts Women’s Self Esteem Through Cosmetics Surgery January 7, 2018

At some point in life, time and chance occurs to everyone. In such instances, it becomes effortless to rub shoulders with an important individual, who inspires many people. Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas, is one such individual, who has inspired many people in her field of practice. As an individual retells her meeting with the doctor, it is evident that this lady has not only been shaping women’s careers but also building their self esteem. Her philosophies reflect her beliefs and dealings in the medical field.

Background data

Dr. Jennifer Walden is prominent for bagging an award in the Woman’s Way Business for Health and Fitness. The criterion for choosing the winner of this competition is appended to their ability to provide extraordinary services in various capacities. Walden has often exuded successful traits in service delivery. In fact, she not only cuts across as a successful professional doctor but also an entrepreneur who put a significant amount of work to her career goals in order to be successful.

Walden’s outlook on life is perhaps the most encouraging when it comes to mentorship. The owner of a medical practice prides herself on being able to encourage women from different walks of life. Her passion is appended to running a company that boosts women’s confidence in multiple respects. She has been a reference point of success for many women as she supports female-owned businesses.

Walden expands her practice

Dr. Walden’s speciality is on aesthetic plastic surgery. Recently, she broadened the nonsurgical department of her practice at Walden Cosmetic’s Surgery in addition to Laser Centre. Constructively developing this segment of the department into an innovative, physical location, Walden has proven to be competent in her area of expertise. The qualified medical doctor harbours unmatched experience in performing surgeries of the nose, genitals, breast and the entire human body.

Walden’s experiences

In other scenarios, Walden is trusted with the reconstructive surgery of already-done surgeries. Her talent and dedication exude confidence as she is all about ensuring that her clients regain their self confidence. Walden often performs secondary surgery, also known as revisional cosmetics surgery. She is not limited to particular experiences.

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Tony Petrello Helps Employees Meet Needs For Houston Communities Affected By Hurricane Harvey January 3, 2018

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey caused $198 billion in damage throughout the entire Gulf region. It is the costliest hurricane in recorded U.S. History. In Houston, Texas there were an estimated 37,000 displaced families with many of them having to move to temporary shelters without any personal care items or essential needs. The flooding through the neighborhoods only increased the inability to help those in need. There was a great resource needed throughout the community.

The employees of Nabors Industries felt compelled to reach out to the community with time, energy and compassion to bring some type of burden relief. In order for them to accomplish their relief efforts, they needed to take time off work.

When Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, found out about the employees desire to help the community, he rushed to put an action-plan together in order to assist them. The first action Tony did was to assure the employees who gave their time to the relief efforts that they would not lose pay while helping. Tony approved for Nabors Industries employees to be paid while contributing their time to the relief efforts. This unprecedented action was additionally helpful since about 10 percent of the employees were affected by the devastation.

Tony is not a stranger to community projects and serving those who are in need. His philanthropy efforts can be seen all throughout Houston, Texas. Tony is passionate towards others within his philanthropic work and very involved in community. Along with his wife Cynthia, Tony founded the Petrello Family Foundation in 2001. The foundation has distributed more than $3 million for educational scholarship programs to the youth in Houston, Texas some of whom have parents that work at Nabors Industries and have been awarded scholarships themselves.

Additionally, Tony and his wife Cynthia were the primary donors for the Jan and Dan Duncan Research Institute when they contributed $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Neurological research is close to the hearts of Tony and Cynthia who are raising their daughter Carena with cerebral palsy after her premature birth. Tony was also appointed to the Board of Trustees with Texas Children’s Hospital.

It’s not every day that a CEO is able to connect with their employees on the level that most would like to, but Tony took the opportunity to do so and also added his equal amount of passion to help others.

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There’s No Place For A Wedding Like New York City December 20, 2017

New York City is an all inclusive Eden of services and entertainment. There are hundreds of choices in every category of wants and needs for people who tread the streets. So many choices of food, entertainment and top shelf luxury would seem like a dream to most people, unless you are trying to plan a wedding. With all the amazing locations and wide spectrum of available settings it can quickly become overwhelming to decide on the best venue for that perfect day. But with a few tips and tricks you can quickly narrow the search through the vast city and pinpoint the ideal place.

Starting your plan with a solid budget can immediately narrow down the choices. Everyone’s budget is different but is always an appropriate foundation for the event that is being planned. New York has facilities to accommodate any price point so staying true to the budget still allows for many options without increasing stress of money issues.

Compiling a list and pictures of what kind of venue you see in your head should be the next step. Creating a physical picture that you can compare to the places around New York that you preview can help maintain focus and decrease confusion. Specific details about the venues will also be key depending on how meticulous your wedding day vision is. As you preview each location make notes that you can compile into a spreadsheet for later comparisons. This will help keep all the information clear instead of straining to remember facts about each place which can become exhausting.

Once the list has been narrowed down to a small amount call and check the availability for the date you want. It may be impossible to get the one you want so having several available options that are equally as desirable can make the process easier. Once you have those few that you like and are available for your date, revisit each one for the fine details and overall feeling. Walking back into that space should feel like it was meant for your special day all along and you’ll know it was the right choice.


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Jason Hope believe in the anti-aging programs December 11, 2017

Jason Hope is using the influence and money in making sure that they are developments when it comes to the anti-aging initiatives. Though he concentrates so much on the SENS foundation. SENS foundation was founded in 2009, and it’s a non-profit firm that helps in the talking of age-related diseases. From the moment it was established, it has been a driven force in what is referred as rejuvenation biotechnology. Its primary focus will be to deal and carry research on age-related diseases.

In 2010, that’s when Hope got do involved in the SENS foundation after he donated the half a million to the firm. Because of his donation, the organization was able to establish the Cambridge SENS laboratory. The laboratory was going to help the foundation in getting the new research going. Jason Hope did not donate the half a million only. Since then he has been a tremendous help to the foundation because he gave over one million of his money to the organization. The main reason he says that he has been donating to SENS foundation. It’s that he believes in what they do and that it’s essential to advance human medicine. SENS foundation can change the healthcare and pharmaceutical.

Jason hope has this one reputation that people know him for as a very experienced futurist. He understands how the technology works and he has the needed passion too. With the knowledge that he has gotten over the several years of his career, he can watch a company and then predict how the future of the company will be when it comes to the technology. Based on the trends that are available when it comes to technology, hope believes that the future modern society will depend so much on the power of the internet that is available now. He was raised in Tempe, and later he attended the Arizona State University where he attained a degree in finance. He does not only have a degree he has an MBA from the ASU’S.

He is always coming up with new methods of using technology that will be able to help humanity. As a futurist, he has one goal in mind that is he will be able to work with business owners in guiding them to come up with ways that they can use the technology to their advantage. He courage’s the young entrepreneurs too because he believes that young people have the ideas, but sometimes they lack the finances.

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Securus Technologies, Helping The World Become A Better Place December 8, 2017

Securus is a technology company that was founded in 1986. Securus’ headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas; however, they have facilities located in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton, Texas, and Allen, Texas. Securus is a fairly large sized company. They are home to about 1,000 employees. Securus also has contracts with jails and prisons throughout the United States and Canada. Throughout the past three years, Securus has spent more than $600 million dollars to help provide state of the art services to their clients.


Some people only know Securus to serve as a phone provider to prisoners. This assumption is normal considering Securus serves over one million inmates across the country for phone services. However, Securus also provides other services for inmates and law enforcement personnel as well. They specifically provide emergency response, incident management, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self service, information management, and monitoring products. The company also provides services that improve the overall safety of human lives.


Recently customers of Securus came out to openly express their gratitude for all of their services. Law enforcement officers have came out and shared a personal story when Securus actually helped prevent crime from happening from recording phone conversations from a suspect. With the help of Securus, the police department was able to arrest the suspect which prevented him from completing the crime that he was about to complete. Securus has also helped law enforcement recover millions of dollars of illegal drugs and money by using their investigating tools. With all that Securus has done the success stories can go on and on. Securus has and will continue to use their amazing investigating tools to help prevent and stop crime. All of their clients are more than grateful for all of their hard work, dedication, and all of the money invested to help the job get done!


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Cancer treatment Centers in America December 5, 2017

The most common type of cancer among the men affects the prostate.The embraced method of addressing cancer is screening in its early stage development. In the effort of addressing cancer, are two educative teams that are formed. This are: the National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA). The other team is Cancer treatment Centers (CTC) and Lab Corp.The teams have joined their hands to educate and also provide an equal opportunity for Screening.

Their concentration and tireless effort has been embraced as criteria of specified requirements of the target group of about forty and above. Those who are eligible in this case are encouraged to register for a Free prostate Specific Antigen (FSA). The screening is availed in every place and any location of the U.S. The men who are at a high risk of prostate cancer are at the age of forty. Other suggested risk factors include the history of family and the race.

Another important facet to know is how cancer treatment is carried out. One approach at primary stage is Chemotherapy. This method is used to destroy cancer cell. The center also focus on radiotherapy. These approaches are all essential when it comes to treating cancer. The other treatment approach is individualized approach. In this treatment, the medical history of the patient is assessed. This aids performing a complete diagnosis.

Chemotherapy is an important approach of treatment the method is an approach at primary stage of cancer. This method is used to destroy cancer cell, however it is recommended because it is effective in arresting cancer in early stage. The method has a limitation because it may destroy cancer affected and also healthy cells. Indeed cancer is a great threat to the live of people and ought strict control. In spite of the severity of cancer, Cancer Treatment Centers in America is doing something wonderful.

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OSI Group: Global Food Suppliers November 19, 2017

OSI Group is a food provider for many popular restaurants such as McDonald’s, to which it supplies beef patties. Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza are other franchises that receive a variety of meats from the company. Their high quality food products come in both cooked and uncooked versions, and they carry private label brands, along with major brand name items.

Formerly known as OSI Industries, the company went through a name change in 2004, when it became OSI Group. It was started in 1909 by a man of German descent named Otto Kolchowsky, who had initially opened a family-owned meat market in Oak Park, Illinois just 2 years after moving to the United States. After the business grew to be successful, Kolchowsky went into selling his meats at wholesale, and expanded into a Chicago suburb. During that time, the business was known as Otto and Sons.

Today, the company’s headquarters is still based in Illinois, and it is headed by Chairman, CEO and CFO, Sheldon Lavin. It brings in annual profits of about $3 billion, and was ranked number 58 on the Forbes list in 2016. It was also listed as being one of the largest private companies in the U.S. that offers customized food solutions. Last year, the business acquired the former Tyson Foods factory on Chicago’s South side for a little over $7 million.

There are more than 20,000 employees working at the company, some of them being former employees of the Tyson Foods plant who were offered jobs at OSI Group when Tyson was bought out by the business. Not only does the food supply group have factories in Chicago, but it also has production centers in several other cities in states like Iowa, Utah, Wisconsin and California. In addition to that, it has operational facilities in 17 other countries in parts of Europe and Asia.

OSI Group has a stake in German-based Baho Foods, and it acquired another European food supply company called Flagship. In addition to providing restaurants with many meat products, OSI also provides vegetables, as well as dough for baking. Because of the company’s good business practices and decisions, CEO Sheldon Lavin was presented with a Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016. Lavin said that he felt very honored and humbled to be receiving such an award, and that he hopes to see the company continue to have steady profitable growth.

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Sahm Adrangi: A Man Of Many Talents November 16, 2017

Sahm Adrangi, who graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, is best known for his research and short selling. Sahm Adrangi began successful career by debunking fraudulent Chinese companies. He worked as an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management and more recently, he has played a large role in Kerrisade Capital Management LLC in New York City since founding the company in 2009 to his current role as Chief Investment Officer. Kerrisdale Capital is a company that focuses on long-term value investments and event-driven special situations. He has grown the company from under $1 million dollars to $150 million in the roughly eight years since its establishment.

One article, released in April of last year, highlights Sahm Adrangi’s success in raising over $100 million from many investors to bet against one, yes- one, stock which come to be known as the “co-investment”. Although he has previously collected large sums of money for betting against companies, this marks the first time that he, or anyone else for that matter, has collected such a large sum. In an email to his fellow investors, Sahm Adrangi reveals his take on how quickly such a large sum of money was raised, stating that it just shows the like-mindedness of those who have contributed in their stance against this company, whose name had not yet been released at the time of the article being written. He goes on to write that their goal is to uncover the truth about said company and make the information public. Because of the secrecy that was still surrounding the bet against this stock at the time of this article being published, many people who disclosed what they knew chose to remain anonymous and much information that could have given away which company was going to be exposed was withheld.

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Jason Hope Is Really Stoked About The Future November 4, 2017

The potential of the world around us is enormous. Conditions affect material things in different ways. If we can find ways to make material items sense conditions and communicate that sensory information to us and other material items, we can improve the world.

There is a name for this concept—the Internet of Things. If you think of the word “internet,” you might think that what is being referred to is a network that you tap into by looking at and interacting with computer screen. To understand the Internet of Things, you must lay this definition of the “internet” to rest. You may not know that the Internet of Things has swept the nation. It exists in the form of objects being connected wirelessly to each other, or maybe even being connected with wires sometimes, and sending technical information to each other. It exists in the form of objects being able to sense things and respond, whether it be touch from a person or information received from another object.

The Internet of Things has humongous amounts of potential to change the world for the better. For instance, the amounts of waste can be radically diminished by using the Internet of Things. The topic of “waste” seems like something that is far away, far off and not such a big deal. However, it is a big deal because waste and pollution make human beings sick. Waste poisons our supplies of food and water, and causes us to development life threatening ailments. As a testament to how many materials go to waste in the world, there are big clumps of trash floating on top of the Pacific Ocean. Where these pieces of trash came from and who used them is a mystery, though we know for certain that this is not a good sign.

Jason Hope is a major visionary who writes about technology. His most written subject is the Internet of Things. He constantly talks about all of the good that can come out of the Internet of Things. He is also really, really stoked about driverless cars. Its funny that his last name is “Hope,” because he seems to have a lot of hope for the future. This hope is what drives him to be really stoked about the Internet of Things. He truly understands that the sky is limit when it comes to human and technological progress.

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