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Alexei Beltyukov the Reformist May 17, 2016

In the current world, we are living in; it takes a distinct person to keep up ethical uprightness all through their whole lifetime. More so, it takes an individual with a generous heart to appreciate the efforts of other and even strive to make their dreams come true.

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian business visionary and donor. He framed Endemic Capital in 2013 as an asset to give heavenly attendant subsidizing to Russian new ventures. He is a business person and a humanitarian. he has mounted a few unique associations to help different Russians hoping to begin organizations, or go to business college. Alexei up a commercial organization called A-Ventures Ltd to help Russian organizations that are battling monetarily with assets to infuse in their operations

CrunchBase shows that Alexei has been working with the Russian group to give the proper financial administration and backing through Skolkovo Foundation, where he serves as the Vice President. This establishment offers gifts and speculation chances to new businesses in Russia gaining practical experience in IT. Likewise, the establishment underpins business people needing to extend their elements crosswise over Russia.

Alexei Belt started his vocation in the medicinal business. Mid 2014, Alexei propelled SOLVY, an online framework that gives secondary school understudies and educators to cooperate with each other when they are at homes. The structure permits instructors to check the advancement of their classes. It also realizes where more accentuation ought to be given. A method for widening the parts of learning in secondary school, particularly in tackling scientific issues.

The framework doesn’t have various decision issues. However rather, understudies should address the problems and show how they landed at their answers. It is a support to understudies since when they commit errors, they gain from them by growing their mentality. The target of perceives as an impetus for taking care of math issues as per Alexei. Teachers and specialists complimented this innovation since they know it will get positive change.

It stands out amongst the most encouraging new companies as of late. Beltyukov serves as the Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY, and he trusts secondary school understudies will advantage a considerable measure from this innovation. His business person aptitudes have empowered him to make incredible progress in his profession life.

The education sector in Russia will dependably see Alexei Beltyukov as one of its progressives and trendsetters for the present changes getting executed.  Follow him on Twitter, @alexei_belt, for more information, or check out what Alexei has done so far on

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Kevin Seawright Manages to Fill the Belvedere Square with Homebuyers through RPS Solutions LLC May 10, 2016

Kevin Seawright announced comfortably that RPS Solutions LLC had been making successful strides in its endeavor to provide the Baltimore community with affordable homes. RPS Solutions is a joint venture formed by Seawright in 2015 with a goal of reinforcing the community of Baltimore as well as venturing into the affordable housing market.

The RPS Solutions LLC facilitates the attainment of individual house ownership. With an ultimate objective of surpassing Baltimore’s current home-ownership rate, which stands at 48.3%, the company was proud of having managed to fill the Belvedere Square neighborhood.

Kevin Seawright was pleased to have made such a remarkable achievement through his company, RPS Solutions LLC. In addition, he asserted that every new home in Baltimore and its neighboring counties marked a significant step towards the achievement of the company’s objectives to boost the city’s prevailing rate for homeownership.

Benefits of Increasing the Homeownership Rate in Baltimore
Various rewards such as economic merits, vibrant communities as well as stable neighborhoods would accompany homeownership in the Baltimore area. Seawright also added in an interview with the PR Newswire that homeownership was the reward that his company had been aiming to make a reality for the residents or people living in Baltimore. Further, he said that RPS Solutions LLC maintains the belief that providing important real estate solutions or services to those residents who showed interest would make the accomplishment of its goals possible.

The Role of RPS Solutions LLC
RPS plays the role of helping potential homebuyers through managing assets or properties, providing customized renovations for poorly developed houses, connecting mortgage lenders with individuals as well as accompanying construction of new properties in Baltimore. Through RPS Solution’s team, several homeowners have managed to be settled in the growing areas of Baltimore. Consequently, each new homeowner significantly contributes towards boosting the homeownership rate.

Since its establishment in 2015, the company has been renovating and constructing affordable homes in Baltimore. The major goal that drives RPS to keep up with its operations in the area is its desire to surpass or match the number of existing homeowners in Baltimore with the number of homeowners in the state.

A Look at Kevin Seawright
Apart from being the founder of RPS Solutions LLC, Seawright is a project management and accounting specialist who mainly operates in Baltimore area, Maryland. He has worked in various fields such as the education, local government, and the real estate development sector in both Washington DC and Baltimore, MD.  Follow him on social media like Twitter, @kevinseawright2

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San Francisco Sets Stage for War of Words May 4, 2016

San Francisco’s District Attorney George Gascón is facing quite a bit of controversy following remarks from former Police Officers Association President Gary Delagnes made about the DA that were perhaps intended to be kept quiet. The remarks in question paint Gascón in an unfriendly light, citing his use of homphobic and racial slurs when in Delagnes’ company.

Delagnes submitted these remarks during his testimony before a blue-ribbon panel a little over a week after Gascón had to submit a testimony of his own. The consensus seemed to be troubling for the DA, citing such attitudes as being detrimental to the POA’s ability to reform itself. Prior to retiring in 2013, Delagnes spent 25 years as a police officer, nine of them as the president of the POA, which would suggest that his words carry weight. But the officer is also known for a series of excessive force charges that don’t place him in too positive a light either, despite the fact that he claims that he had a comfortable relationship with Gascón where they communicated regularly. However, Martin Halloran, the current president of the POA, backed up Delagnes’ claim, reciting a dinner with Gascón where he drunkenly demeaned minorities in public and upset some patrons at the restaurant. Delagnes also stated his willingness to testify again if called.

These charges come on the heels of a corruption investigation that has been launched by the FBI. In response to these particular charges, Alex Bastian, spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, stated that Delagnes’ assertions are the product of his “imagination” yet did not directly refute any of the claims that were made.

Delagnes stated that his willingness to share this information about Gascón after the DA made remarks about the police force’s disinterest in addressing biases that influence their policing practice. Delagnes pointed to Gascón’s time with the police force, and stated that such initiatives to police more fairly with racial, sexual, or gender biases in mind were not of priority to the current District Attorney, placing his past at odds with his recent statements.

These charges come on the heels of a corruption investigation that has been launched by the FBI. In response to these particular charges, Alex Bastian, spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, stated that Delagnes’ assertions are the product of his “imagination” yet did not directly refute any of the claims that were made.

Other information for George Gascon:

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The Talented and Ingenious Sam Tabar May 3, 2016

Success in Many Areas
Sam Tabar is an individual who seems to attract success in every endeavor. He is currently a practicing attorney in New York. His talent can clearly be seen in many areas. He is well versed in law. He is also highly skilled as a financial strategist. He has earned a fine reputation because his integrity and qualifications have stood out and have contributed to a credible and trustworthy career. He involves himself in giving back to society. Philanthropy plays a large role in his life and his many endeavors. Success and Sam Tabar go hand-in-hand. His experience speaks volumes. His entire career is remarkable and it clearly defines his skills and talent. He is a trustworthy attorney who has can allow his reputation to speak for him.  He talks law on Twitter pretty often too, @samirtabar.

Sam Tabar and GoFundMe
Mr. Tabar had become involved in GoFundMe. Sam had been inspired by a company that he was previously working at. The company had made donations to Africa. Sam Tabar saw that the donations were greatly benefitting many African women. Mr. Tabar then felt inspired to raise more money through GoFundMe. His involvement has gone toward raising needed funds in some remote parts of Southern Africa. There are many children and adults who have HIV/AIDS. The money raised for the children and adults greatly benefits their communities. This campaign primarily will provide assistance to women in need. African children also receive the necessary and needed help through this campaign. Mr. Tabar has a genuine concern for these individuals in South Africa. He has the ability to greatly impact their lives with the support of this GoFundMe platform and campaign. Sam Tabar is viewed as an expert within fundraising. Success and Sam Tabar are included in any fundraising effort.

Experience and Confidence
Sam Tabar is currently Chief Financial Officer at FullCycleFund. He has held this position since January, 2016. He brought much experience with him in this position. He is currently located in the Greater New York Area. Confidence and experience are two very prominent characteristics of Sam Tabar. His background and education has earned him an apparent high confidence that can clearly be seen. Mr. Tabar is experienced because his has worked all around the globe. He is confident because he can also offer his defined communication abilities and many skills.

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