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The Growth of Brazil November 26, 2016

Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in the world today. A lot of people are interested in moving to the country and starting a business. With all of the economic growth, the demand for legal services is higher than ever before. Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer in Brazil who has done a great job of adding value to people over time. He has slowly built up his business, and he is now one of the leading people in the industry in Brazil. Looking at his career, there is a lot to learn from.


Early Life

When Ricardo Tosto was in school, he had to work hard to graduate. Unlike a lot of people in law school, he did not come from a wealthy family. This means that he had to pay or finance his entire education. When he finally graduated, he went into the legal field to get some experience and starting building his career. There are a lot of people who look at his life and are impressed by what he has been able to accomplish. Ricardo Tosto is the definition of someone who has worked hard no matter what the odds against him. When he first started his business, a lot of people said that it was impossible to succeed.


Future Plans

In the next couple of years, Ricardo Tosto plans to continue to expand his business in a variety of ways. If you want to build a business, you need to make sure there is a high demand lawyer for your services and you can make money. Although it was hard work, Ricardo Tosto was able to get his company to the next level to help millions of people in Brazil.

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Historian and Collector Michael Zomber November 24, 2016

Michael Zomber has led a very interesting life that has attracted a large amount of attention from the media. He has a wide variety of interests that have often brought him into the public eye. One of the things he is best known for is his very impressive collection of samurai swords and old guns. Michael has been interviewed extensively about his collections on many occasions. They are considered to be two of the best collections in the world because of the rarity and condition of many of the pieces. Some of his guns and swords are extremely rare. Michael likes to research the history of every gun and sword he buys. Whenever possible, he prefers to find out the names of the people who have owned these items and where they were made.

Michael Zomber’s vast historical knowledge is a valuable resource that the History Channel has taken advantage of many times in the past. They have featured many interviews with Michael during their various documentaries over the years. There can be no question that Michael has become one of the top contributors to the History Channel. He has said that the cable channel is very easy to work with because their interviewers do their homework and they ask all of the right questions. Michael hopes to keep working with them in the future.

Michael Zomber has also had several of his books published to widespread acclaim. Many of the books that he has written deal with the mystery surrounding the lives of the ancient samurai warriors who existed 400 years ago in feudal Japan. One of Michael’s books that has received a great deal of media coverage was his “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai” 2009 release. This is a non-fiction story that Michael considers to be his most personal work. Many of the biggest literary critics in the United States gave this book very positive reviews when it was originally released. “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War” is one of Michael’s very well-received fiction offerings that has gained him many fans.

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Marc Sparks Life Of Success November 20, 2016

There will come a time when any new startup will need assistance. This assistance can include financial support, office space, website development and general advice about how to set up a new company and take it from startup to successful.

New startups are increasingly turning to venture capitalists as their source of guidance and assistance. Simply put, a venture capitalist is an individual or company that will invest time and money in a new startup. In return, they will receive a share of the equity, in the new business.

Timber Creek Capital, located in Dallas, Texas is one of the leading venture capital companies in the United States. Founded by long time investor Marc Sparks, Timber Creek Capital is a private equity firm that specializes in guiding new entrepreneurs from idea to fulfillment of their vision.

Marc Sparks has outlined what he looks for in a prospective client. Your idea has to be unique, offering a service that no one else is and one that can not duplicate easily. If your company has already generated revenue, use your sales date to demonstrate demand.

Have a business plan that will show how investment capital will enable you to increase sales. Your presentation to potential investors is critical to your being able to secure the investment dollars you need.

Marc Sparks has owned and operated several successful businesses. Focusing mainly on the telecommunication industry he is heavily involved with Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and several others. He is considered an expert in venture capital investing and business solutions.

His book “They Can’t Eat You” is a best seller that has given many would be businessmen the encouragement to never give up even when faced with diversity. He believes anyone can succeed with enough time and effort.

Philanthropy has become a large part of Marc Sparks life. He is involved with several philanthropic causes in the Dallas area. One of his favorites is the Samaritan Inn. The Samaritan Inn, dedicated to people who want to help themselves, offering shelter, health programs, career counseling, and eventually job placement, has been a resounding success.

Through his organization Sparkey’s Kids, he has donated one thousand laptop computers to children at-risk and has also worked on affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity.

Marc Sparks is an outdoorsman and health enthusiast. He is an adventure lover who once traveled around the world in twenty-three days. He enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and hiking. Not bad for a guy with no formal training and who graduated high school with a C+ grade average.

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I Now Live In A High-Rise Building Because I Worked With Town Residential November 17, 2016


Town Residential really came through for me, and let me explain how. I lived in a home with my wife and two kids, and unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. I had to move out of my marital home, and now I’m looking for a new place. Fortunately, I was offered a new job, and the job required me to move to New York City.


I had to pay money out of my pocket for a hotel, and I knew that I would save a lot more money if I just stayed in my own home, but I just didn’t have the time to start looking for any kind of real estate. I had to commission a real estate agency to start working for me, and it’s something I should’ve done from the beginning. I called several real estate agencies one night, and the one that really had my interest is Town Residential, because of their extensive selection of NYC properties.


The reason that Town Residential was the company I chose is because of their portfolio of homes. I really like nice things, and that’s why I’ve been staying in the best hotel in New York City since I got my new job, and Town Residential has some amazing homes. I was ready to purchase or lease a home, depending on what they found for me, and Town Residential really did find me some good homes. I chose a place to live that was in a high-rise building, and the place was a beautiful penthouse.


Not only was my penthouse a work of art, but I had a view that anyone would love to see outside their window every morning. I now get up in the mornings so happy to go to work because I live in a great place. Even though lots of bad things have happened over the past year, I’ve moved on from my divorce, but my kids can come to see me in my fabulous penthouse any time. Town Residential has come through for me in my worst time, and I’m very thankful for them.

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