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David Osio Leading Davos Financial Group Into New Markets December 30, 2016

David J. Osio is an international business person who is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has carefully guided the expansion and growth of his creation using his multi-cultural leadership abilities. Davos Financial Group has been expanded internationally and now includes offices in Geneva, Switzerland, Lisbon, Portugal, Panama City, Panama, along with offices in the United States of America located in New York and Miami.

Osio’s company offers independent and customized financial services. Davos specializes in portfolio structuring, asset management, tax and corporate planning, and other trust and banking services.

In a recent PRNewswire article David Osio and the Davos Real Estate Group announced the introduction of their “Davos CAP Calculator.” This revolutionary device will estimate the return on investment (ROI) from different real estate investments that the client may be considering. The costs are simply added into the application algorithm, and the potential profits and advantages to owning land and real estate are revealed.

The Davos Real Estate Group is a leader in the booming Latin America real estate market, and this device can easily offer a quick risk/reward calculation to the client of the Davos Financial Group. Read the entire PRNewswire article here.

Davos Financial Group, through the actions of its real estate division, is poised to meet the expansion of the real estate market in areas of Latin America which had previously been deemed too difficult or complicated to enter for foreign investors. Osio and Davos have seen an opportunity and have poised the group to be ready to profit from this new opportunity. Having the necessary language skills and understandings of foreign investment regulations is a requisite of this real estate group. Davos can easily cross whatever language barrier presents an obstacle.

International investors would be well served to investigate this innovative boutique investment company. Real estate has a history of always being considered the safest investment available, and there exists a wide range of costs per square meter for real estate throughout Latin America. Investors can easily see the benefits of owning houses to rent, land to develop, and other properties to hold for investment in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. In fact, all of Latin America has a great potential for the savvy investor.

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The Portfolio Manager Taking Capital Group To Greater Heights December 28, 2016

Timothy Armour is a longtime employee of Capital Group and a successful longtime portfolio manager. Armour attended Middlebury College where he graduated with a degree in economics. He was hired by Capital Group after school and was a part of the Associates Program. He later became an equity investment analyst at the company where he was involved with telecoms and service enterprises in the US. Armour was later promoted to equity portfolio management and then Chairman of the Capital Group.

He is currently the Director and Principal of Capital Research. Armour was appointed Chairman in 2015 after the death of James Rothenberg. Armour was expected to become Chairman at the company because of his long career there and understanding of how the company worked. He will collaborate with other top executives at the firm to steer the enterprise forward and to ensure that it continues to experience success.

Janet Yang is a financial analyst. Janet gave Capital Global an A rating for the continued excellence and success it has had since it was started. She noted that the firm that has more than $1 trillion in assets would only continue to produce significant returns for years to come because of its detailed approach to investing. She says that Capital Global was a company to be emulated because of its consistent investment culture and the great employees who work there. She singled out some of the portfolio managers at the company including Armour and Lovelace. They were essential to the enterprise because of their long-term thinking investment approach. Yang also pointed out that Capital Group was so good that most of its employees worked there their whole careers.

Capital Group recently entered into a partnership with Samsung Asset Management which is the investment arm of the technology company. The two enterprises would assist each other in asset management in the South Korean market. The deal outlined a few areas that they would focus on including distribution, retirement organization, and product and investment management. Armour said that it was difficult to make accurate statistical analyses with an aging population in Korea. The capital was brought in to help in coming up with reliable results.

Armour wrote an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal to advise investors on how to find good managers who will earn them good returns. He advises investors to look for active managers and not to settle for index funds that perform averagely because of the current market.

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LOVAGANZA 2020: Revolutionizing the Way We See Love

In an era of global turmoil, the visual arts have taken up the call of uniting people through love. In 2020, LOVAGANZA will feature a large stage production held at the Main Chapiteau called “Extravaganza of Love.” As a part of an overall celebration of worldwide cultures through various mediums of entertainment, “Extravaganza of Love” will host an array of uniquely talented performers, including actors, dancers, and acrobats. The one thing that unites these diverse artists is love; the goal is to show how love transcends categorical on divides like cultural differences.

To emphasize this beautiful connection, “Extravaganza of Love” will also feature a series of lovely landscape photographs from around the world. These pictures will be displayed on Immerscope’s incredibly immersive 3D glass-free wrap-around screen. Never before has technology of this magnitude played on such a role in providing an integrative, multi-cultural performance experience. This technology helps bring to life the core ideas and intersectionality of love and cultures.

In addition to “Extravaganza of Love”, LOVAGANZA will be showing a film trilogy at all locations called “LOVAGANZA CONVOY.” Directed, produced, and written by the French-Canadian director J.F. Gagnon, the “LOVAGANZA CONVOY” films will also be played in regular 2D and 3D theaters leading up to the LOVAGANZA celebrations in 2020. The trilogy will showcase footage filmed around the world using Immerscope’s impressive visual technology. “LOVAGANZA CONVOY” tells the tale of a former priest who is pursuing a convoy that claims they have found the elusive secret to personal happiness and strive to protect humankind from the morbid plans of “the Invisible Hand.” The initial film on in the trilogy is titled “The LOVAGANZA CONVOY: Part 1 – Follow Your Sunshine” – a title befitting a film being played at a global celebration of love and culture. The stunning master trailer for “Follow Your Sunshine” was released in 2015 and treats audiences to over three-and-a-half minutes of film footage, all shot in 35mm using Immerscope technology.

For all of LOVAGANZA’s currently released videos, be sure to check out their Vimeo page, where you will find footage from the “LOVAGANZA CONVOY” trilogy as well as more behind-the-scenes documentary footage. See:

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PodcastOne Network Unveils the Beyond the Darkness Program to Captivate Its Diehard Fans December 21, 2016

Norman Pattiz has recently unveiled Beyond the Darkness as the latest audio installment of the PodcastOne network. As the Founder and Chairman of the network, Mr. Pattiz deemed it necessary to launch the podcast on its network. Produced by WWE star Chris Jericho, the program features enlightening conversations with renowned scientists and philosophers. The agenda of the podcast entails discussions on mythical creatures such as ghosts, aliens, monster sightings and demonic experiences. Such dialogues are expected to challenge humans’ perceptions on said creatures and their relevance to existence.


The new episode is slated for release on the company’s website and iTunes and will be hosted by radio producer Tim Dennis and prominent author Dave Schrader. Mr. Pattiz has hailed Chris Jericho’s input and commitment to the PodcastOne network. As a popular wrestler, Chris has managed to captivate the audience by delivering comedians from far and wide. By launching Beyond the Darkness, he aims at informing the masses on the paranormal world of supernatural beings.


Apart from providing non-stop entertainment, Jericho hopes to demystify certain beliefs about paranormal phenomenon worldwide. The radio presenters are also expected to promote the podcast to their large and loyal fan base across the world. Their attention and support are critical in achieving set goals and objectives of the Beyond the Darkness podcast. However, viewer discretion is advised as some of the content might be scary to viewers.


Profile of PodcastOne


PodcastOne is a prominent podcast network specializing on entertaining content from various personalities. Over the years, the network has hosted more than 200 celebrities such as Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Ross Mathews, Chris Webber and many more. Multinational corporations also use the network to advertise their products and services to its diverse customers.


About Norman Pattiz


Mr. Pattiz has served as Founder and CEO of PodcastOne since June 23, 2016. With over four decades of experience in radio syndication, Pattiz has capitalized on celebrity coverage to build a multi-million dollar media empire. His keen business acumen and people skills have catapulted his status towards a prominent and reliable entrepreneur in the media industry. Apart from managing the network, Pattiz also founded Westwood One, a media company based in New York. Under his perceptive leadership, Westwood grew into a leading service provider with over 150 programs.


Pattiz was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S as a testament to his proficiency and expertise. As a Board member, he was tasked with overseeing all nonmilitary broadcasting entities such as Radio Liberty, the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and Middle East Broadcasting companies.

Learn more:

Norman Pattiz on building a podcast empire: “Since there is no industry, I’m just doing it myself.”


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Talk Fusion Changes the World of Advertising December 11, 2016

In April 2016, Talk Fusion, a company that deals in video marketing solutions launched a 30 day free trial of their product. The trials were availed in nine different languages in over 140 countries across the globe. The free trial program allows customers to access talk fusion marketing solutions for 30 days without paying. Availability of this free trial program was made available to prospective customers after a year of diligent planning and over a thousand hours of hard work by the company’s corporate team. The company had aimed in providing the potential customers with a platform whereby they could interact, understand, and prove the effectiveness of the program. It was meant to give them a first-hand experience of the video marketing platform.


The President and Chief Executive Officer, Reina said that the value the advertising platform brings to the world is incomparable to anything of the kind. He also stated that it was their aim to place the platform into the arms of as many people as possible. Availing the platform to people would guarantee an increased demand for the product.


The company also redesigned the look and feel of their website. The redesign was meant to make it easy for people to navigate. While signing up for the free trial program, personal details and credit card information were not required. Therefore, businesses, individuals, and charities interested in experiencing the effectiveness of the Talk Fusion platform can quickly sign up for free.


Upon signing up, the users will receive access to Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and Sign-up Forms. Just like the already existing client base, the new users will experience an indisputable advantage of this video marketing platform. The results of this platform are almost instantaneous.


The company has also created a guide platform on the website where a new user can access and get oriented to the platform. Therefore, those interested in increasing their market skill and get a competitive edge in the market can just visit the website and watch their businesses grow.


Talk Fusion is a company offering Video Marketing Solutions. It helps grow businesses through Video Technology. Its products are marketed by independent Associates in over 140 countries across the Globe. It was founded in 2007 and is run under the management of CEO Bob Reina.


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Keith Mann: Merging Professionalism With Philanthropic December 9, 2016

For the past 15 years, Keith Mann has worked in the executive search industry he started the nationally acknowledged initiatives in hiring and corporate staffing. The many years in the industry have equipped Keith Mann with expert knowledge in staffing and recruitment strategies as well as hedge funds compensation. He is also the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, a private equity company exclusively serving the alternative investment industry by assisting them in hiring investments as well as in the improvement and creation new marketing and internal strategy platforms. But most people are only familiar with Keith’s professionalism and less acquitted with his philanthropic ideals in New York.


Keith Mann and philanthropy

Together with his wife Keely Mann, Keith started the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship, an award program designed to recognize innovative business leaders and get them on the path to professional achievement through sponsorships. They recently launched the program in partnership with the Uncommon Schools, in Brooklyn, New York run by a non-profit charter management organization. During the launch, Keith intimated that the scholarship aims at helping students from low-income zones attend and graduate from college as well pair them with companies from whence they can cultivate their success using their college degree.

Nonetheless, Keith understands that the program can only succeed if there is sustained peace and order in the society. For this reason, he added his weight to the importance of peace in the society by supporting the New York’s Police Department order restoration programs in the wake of several unrests in the state earlier in the year. In an attempt to boost their morale, Keith has on several occasions sent out lunch to the entire 54th Precinct. Such gesture from a high profile businessman in the state has gone a long way in warding off the negativity surrounding the police force.


Bottom line

Both his professional and philanthropic ideas have one thing in common; future oriented. Just as he is committed to helping others navigate through the ropes of successful future through sponsorships or through the promotion of peace through which a community thrives, his entrepreneurial achievements such as helping hedge funds trudge on competitively with competitive strategy formulation perks such as the marketing department.


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