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George Soros Helps Democrats January 27, 2017

Over the last several years, billionaire investor George Soros has actively participated in political elections. He has established himself as one of the strongest supporters of the Democrat Party. Soros is very passionate about liberal causes and often favors the nation when it adopts progressive policies and values. While he is quite active in every election, 2016 was one of this most active to date. On numerous occasions, Soros has looked to help make America more liberal politically. He began this process by helping Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fund her campaign. As well as funding Clinton, Soros has also looked to help provide the Democrat party with advice and feedback when they were looking to devise a new strategy to win elections. George has also helped fund campaigns on Biography to help states elect more liberal political candidates as well.

The presidential election of 2016 featured Hillary Clinton and real estate developer Donald Trump. With her years of political experience on, Hillary Clinton was favored to win the election in a landslide. To help increase her chances of winning the election, Soros donated a high amount of money to her campaign. Therefore, she was able to put together a very strong campaign that would hopefully win the confidence of voters. The campaign contributions on Snopes made a positive impact as Clinton was able to win the popular vote. Therefore, George Soros has been a factor in establishing a favorable view of the Democrat Party.

While Soros’ efforts in helping get Clinton elected did not go as planned, he kept on helping the Democrat party in other ways. He met with a number of liberal Democrat leaders in Washington once the election was over. During these meetings with Democrat leaders, Soros listened in on their newest strategy on Politico. A number of Democrat leaders talked about finding ways to appeal to a certain demographic of voters such as the working class population. By getting these votes, they will likely have a much better chance at winning the next upcoming elections. As well as appealing to certain voters, the Democrats have also looked to invest more money into their campaigns at the state level. These additional funding will likely help the party establish more credibility to voters in the near future.

During the year of 2016, George Soros also looked to help change politics at the state level. He was able to help a number of voters provide more support for Democrat candidates. In central Florida, there is a growing number of Democrat party candidates that are looking to win office. With Soros’ assistance, many of the residents of this area will likely see the benefits of the Democrat party and vote in the candidates who run for it. Along with shaping the politics of Florida, Soros spent some of his efforts in getting certain people out of power. He helped the state of Arizona elect a new sheriff that will likely be more supportive of civil rights. Recently, longtime sheriff Joe Arpaio was elected out of office which helped provide a lot of relief for a number of residents.

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Feel Like Your Makeup is Illegal with Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of a cosmetic line known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was raised in New York City however, she was born in Russia. Doe Deere wants to prove that make-up isn’t just for concealing your imperfections but that it is also a way to feel free and to express yourself! Doe feels as though beauty isn’t always what looks “best” necessarily, but what feels right to you in that moment! This is why she decided to launch her own cosmetic line in 2008. Lime Crime Cosmetics is not only colorful and magical, it is also cruelty-free!


Lime Crime is bold, vibrant, and intensely pigmented! These cosmetics are also animal friendly. Doe Deere developed the name Lime Crime because of her favorite color as well as the fact that she wanted make-up that is so bright and vivid it would feel illegal wearing it! Originally, though, limecrime was Doe Deere’s eBay shop name back in 2004 where she sold her DIY fashion line. Everything that she sold she modeled herself, so how she did her make-up became her staple. Lime Crime was then launched in 2008!


Doe Deere believes that by treating not only her partners and vendors with respect, but also her employees, that she was able to grow her business to what it is today. Doe Deere’s goal in her business is to uplift others and push them to exceed and do their best through her positive reinforcement. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Doe Deere, though. In 2014 she went through a security breach. The Lime Crime website was hacked by some cyber-thieves and some of her trusted customer’s information was stolen. Restoring that trust with her customers was one of the hardest things she has had to encounter! Although it was an awful time for Lime Crime, Doe Deere feels as though they were able to learn a lot and come out of it even stronger than before!


Doe Deere has done amazing getting her business up and running, and working through the tough patches! As an entrepreneur, Doe insists that you just always trust your gut. You will always encounter situations where you just don’t have enough information, so you are going to need to rely on your instincts to get you through those! It doesn’t happen over night, you need to give it time to develop, but soon enough it will become second nature!

Learn more:


Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship


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Sam Boraie: Bringing Growth and Renewal to New Brunswick and Beyond January 25, 2017

Boraie Development, LLC has been significantly influential in revitalizing New Brunswick, New Jersey,,and its surrounding communities. With a 30 year record in development, not only are they being highly sought out by New Jersey developers, but they seek to bring to communities together and move forward. A key player in making progress happen is Sam Boraie who serves as Vice President to the family real estate business.

One of the most recent accomplishments of Omar Boraie‘s son, Sam Boraie is The Aspire, a new luxury rental tower in New Brunswick that houses 121 residential units, 40,000 square feet of office space, 10,000 square feet of retail space, and an outdoor space for tenants and visitors to relax and enjoy some time outside. Recognized for its unique and modern appearance, according to the NY Times, The Aspire has caught the eye of many young and aspiring renters within the vicinity who have chosen the building for its trendy location, and in turn these renters have helped in the further developments of the city.

The positive effect of Boraie Development is not just present in the community of New Brunswick, but throughout the state of New Jersey says a review. Sam Boraie helped build Newark’s first high-rise residential project in over fifty years, by partnering with world renown basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal who also hails from Newark, in constructing the building. The structure, known as One Riverview at Rector Street, has paved the way for transforming its surrounding neighborhood.

Sam Boraie is heavily involved in the local community and well recognized charities such as Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is a non-profit organization that provides meals to underprivileged people in addition to education and job training for the food industry. Sam Boraie serves as a board advisor to the organization and assists in making beneficial and progressive decisions.

Sam Boraie is also on the Board of Trustees for the Historical State Theater in New Brunswick, which aims to further inspire and educate the community with cultural and artistic events. Boraie Development sponsors the annual Free Summer Movie Series which brings the community together once a week to watch entertaining, popular, family friendly films.


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The Interesting Life of Michael Zomber January 16, 2017

Michael Zomber has had a very remarkable career where he has been successful in a number of different areas. One of the things that he has become famous for is his work in the TV industry as a historical consultant. This work has been done primarily for the History Channel and A&E. Zomber will give interviews about various historical events or time periods that he is familiar with.

These interviews will then be edited and used in different documentaries that are produced by those two cable networks. Being on TV a lot over the past decade has made Zomber a celebrity of sorts. He has said that he did not take those jobs for the fame. He is simply passionate about history and he enjoys teaching people about it.

Michael Zomber has an impressive educational background. He was accepted into the University of Illinois where he studied both English and psychology. He has said that he decided on a double major because it would make him a more attractive candidate when he started to look for a job.

According to IMDB, Michael Zomber then got an English literature master’s degree from UCLA. Zomber briefly considered becoming an English literature professor. However, that idea quickly disappeared when he discovered his true calling. He went to a gun show and fell in love with antique weapons. He would soon start to collect them and study their history.

Collecting antique firearms soon became much more than a hobby for Zomber. It became one of his passions. He also started to assemble an impressive collection of authentic Japanese samurai swords. Zomber had been fascinated with the samurai lifestyle since he was a young boy.

He would do much more than collect the guns and swords. He would try to find out as much as he could about the history of each weapon. He would strive to identify where the weapons were made and the names of the previous owners. Some of this info was impossible to obtain.

Michael Zomber spends much of his time giving lectures about the topics he is passionate about. He is also the author of several fiction and non-fiction books.

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Discover How To Live Your Dreams With Passion January 11, 2017

Doe Deere got her start at a young age, simply, by trying on her mother’s clothing and makeup. However, the dull neutral colors of the late 90’s, didn’t impressed her creative genius. She would later began to popularize temporary tattoos in her native Russia, by wearing them. Shortly after, she began selling them to her friends and learning the art of marketing. By thirteen, she was selling novelty tattoos and they were very popular among her friends. She would later move to New York City and learn the value of marketing and much more.


Lime Crime Was Born…


New York gave Deere the opportunity to take part in a rock band. She admired all the people that showed up for her events and discovered they contributed to her success. Playing in a band wasn’t what Doe would be destined to do forever. She later quit the band and started design school. Joining designed school helped Deere sort out her unconventional way of thinking. She later married the soloist of a band. Design school gave her the confidence to think bold and create bright colors for her own unique makeup line. Lime Crime was born and she soon created rich velvetine matte and superfoil eye shadow and lip stick shades. In fact, her line of cosmetics are completely waterproof.


Exclusive Guest Of A Guest Article


Doe Deere admits that Lime Crime would have never came to the forefront, if she listened to what people had to say. In order to live out your dreams, Deere says, that you have to be comfortable with not thinking like other people. You have

to find what you’re good at doing and perfect your creative niche. Thousands of women have a talent, says Doe, and they need to find out what it is and do the best that they can, to bring it to fruition.


Lime Crime can be purchased from their exclusive website and their first time customers receive a welcomed promotional offer and free shipping. You can learn creative ways to wear their products by visiting YouTube. They offer actual testimonials from real users that teach them how to mix, match, blend, apply, and remove their products. You can accessorize their products with great clothing item and shoes from their sister company Doll Kills. Become a valued Lime Crime customer today for more details.


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