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An Entrepreneur on the Right Path With Eucatex July 21, 2016

With the Olympic games around the corner and all eyes on Brazil, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are issues with sustainability within the country. The industry with the most impact within sustainability is likely those that deal with deforestation. With the Amazon being logged at an alarming rate, it becomes increasingly important for sustainability paradigms – and businesses – to gain traction in the region.

Luckily, a business owner and entrepreneur from Brazil is trying to make that happen. Mr. Flavio Maluf, president of two major companies based in the country, Eucatex and Grand Foods is a man with a vision for the future. Recently he addressed the growing controversial idea of technology and children. While some believe that new technologies are leading to distraction and loss of enjoyment in certain areas of life, Mr. Maluf discussed how technology has the opportunity, if we allow it to be so, to accelerate learning and education. Technology is unlikely to go away, so incorporating it into optimizing how we learn is an essential step, implied the business owner.

Eucatex is a company that has been generated around the idea of minimizing waste, and maximizing the use of recycled materials such as wood and plastic. They have environmental policies such as requiring to identify the source of all wood products used in production of goods, and have socioeconomic view points that are to the advantage of the surrounding area.

A large portion of the company’s goods are produced from recycled products and their is a meticulous inspection of how to produce at the most efficient, and environmentally friendly manner.

Since Mr. Maluf is a business oriented, he additionally has given insight into larger moves within the investment and business world, including discussing topics such as the merger between Allergan and Pfizer. While Flavio gain’s momentum in the business and investing world, it’s likely we’ll see him comment and perhaps even be involved in more of these larger shifts in business and economic paradigms.  Read more about what Flavio has done on LinkedIn.

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