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Luiz Trabuco And His Role In Making Bradesco A Global Powerhouse October 13, 2017

Luiz Trabuco is a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur, a skilled leader, a sociologist, and a family man. He is the current President of Bradesco, a banking institution that has significantly contributed to the growth of the Brazilian banking sector. The exceptional leader became the bank’s President in 2009 after the retirement of the former President, Marcio Cyriono. Cyriono is widely credited for helping Bradesco become the giant we know today. He represented a belief in innovativeness that helped increase Bradesco’s value from $5 billion to a tune of $30 billion.

However, in the summer of 2009, the same year Luiz took over as President, Bradesco lost its position as the leading financial institution in Brazil to its long-time competitor, Unibanco. Unibanco merged with Itau to form Itau Unibanco, which had a huge market share that took Bradesco’s first position. Everybody, including Lazaro Brandao, the Board’s Chair, wanted Luiz to come up with a strategy that would help his bank get back its former glory. Instead, Luiz decided to focus on the expansion of Bradesco’s client base. According to him, customers were an essential resource and improving customer experience was his first priority. The exceptional leader introduced new strategies that revolutionized the Brazilian banking sector. Soon, Bradesco started to penetrate more regions both locally and internationally.

Having been in the financial sector for more than 20 years, Luiz knew the importance of collaboration. In his first year as President, Luiz reorganized Bradesco’s management circle and came up with a platform the brought all the bank’s executives together. The move helped centralize all Bradesco’s decisions and enabled the bank to expand its products and services beyond banking. The platform also enabled Luiz to come up with more innovative strategies that helped the bank penetrate more regions faster. Luiz also gave all promoted executives the freedom to run their departments without much interference from him or the bank’s headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Executives started to work harder because they felt they were part of the bank’s success.

Bradesco Regains Its First Position

Luiz’s strategies and skills saw Bradesco become a force to reckon with. In 2015, Luiz came up with a plan that would help his bank become a global powerhouse. The plan also promised to help Bradesco regain its first position. With the approval of Lazaro Brandao, Luiz Trabuco bought the Brazilian branch of HSBC in a deal that valued the branch at $5 billion. The acquisition was great and was among the largest acquisitions in the country that year. The two banks, Bradesco and the Brazilian branch of HSBC, had a combined market share that was three times that of Bradesco’s rival, Itau Unibanco. Bradesco regained its first position and was now stronger than ever.

Education And Career

Born on October 9, 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended the University of Sao Paulo, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. After university, when he was 18, Luiz went to work for Bradesco and severed as a clerk. In 1984, Luiz was elected as a Director, a position he until 1999. Thanks to his relentless leadership skills, Luiz was appointed as Bradesco’s Vice President in 1999. He worked together with Marcio Cyriono, who was the bank’s President then, and the two leaders established foundations and plans that made the bank future-ready. In 2009, Luiz took over from Marcio and became the fourth President of the bank.

Luiz Leads A Simple Life

Luiz is ranked among the highest-paid executives in the country with a compensation package of more than $1 million. However, despite being a multi-millionaire, Luiz leads a simple life and spend most of his money on charity.

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