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An In-depth Look at Executive Mike Baur’s Involvement in the Swiss Accelerator Programs July 28, 2017

Mr. Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and one of the creators of Swiss Startup Factory. Mr. Baur is a professional with close to two decades of work experience in the banking industry. Some the companies he has worked for include Clariden Leu and USB. This Swiss businessman is passionate about startup development and technology. He has been running the Swiss Startup Factory since 2014. He runs this business in collaboration with professionals like Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Mr.Baur’s role in the accelerator program


Mr. Baur has worked as a member of the jury for the START Summiteer during the pitching contest held at the University of St. Gallen. He has been serving as the deputy director of CTI Invest since the Swiss Startup Factory merged with CTI in 2016. Mr. Baur has been operating the accelerator program, an endeavor aimed at mentoring and providing educational services to students and professionals. The accelerator program is a three-month training activity held in Zurich, with the aimed of helping entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives. The Swiss Start-up Group is the company in charge of running the accelerator program. This firm serves as the parent company, which acts to consolidate the day to day activities of the Swiss Start-up Factory.


Mr. Baur’s board membership


One of the principals of Swiss Start-up Group is Michael Widmer, who serves as the company’s lead legal counsel and is a member of the Board of Governors. Mr. Baur is the chairman of the Board of Directors while Max Meister is a delegate of the board. Under Mr. Baur’s management, the Swiss Startup Group has become one of the top startup firms in Switzerland. This company has received a round of financing issued to them by high-profile investors in the business. This funding was an intense venture that lasted two months. According to Mr. Baur, this round of financing would help put the Swiss Startup Group on the forefront as one of the top privately-owned businesses in Switzerland. Mr. Baur has made it big in the corporate world. In 2016, he was profiled in the Wall Street Journal for his excellent performance in startup investments and the Swiss banking industry. Mr. Baur is responsible for the recruitment of new members of the advisory board. Among the officials he recently appointed includes Prof. Rico Baldegger, Dr. Robert Bider, Andreas Gall, Peter Friedli, Michael Hartweg, and Urs Wietlisbach. Mr. Baur prides himself as an individual responsible for the success of many entrepreneurs.


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David Osio Leading Davos Financial Group Into New Markets December 30, 2016

David J. Osio is an international business person who is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has carefully guided the expansion and growth of his creation using his multi-cultural leadership abilities. Davos Financial Group has been expanded internationally and now includes offices in Geneva, Switzerland, Lisbon, Portugal, Panama City, Panama, along with offices in the United States of America located in New York and Miami.

Osio’s company offers independent and customized financial services. Davos specializes in portfolio structuring, asset management, tax and corporate planning, and other trust and banking services.

In a recent PRNewswire article David Osio and the Davos Real Estate Group announced the introduction of their “Davos CAP Calculator.” This revolutionary device will estimate the return on investment (ROI) from different real estate investments that the client may be considering. The costs are simply added into the application algorithm, and the potential profits and advantages to owning land and real estate are revealed.

The Davos Real Estate Group is a leader in the booming Latin America real estate market, and this device can easily offer a quick risk/reward calculation to the client of the Davos Financial Group. Read the entire PRNewswire article here.

Davos Financial Group, through the actions of its real estate division, is poised to meet the expansion of the real estate market in areas of Latin America which had previously been deemed too difficult or complicated to enter for foreign investors. Osio and Davos have seen an opportunity and have poised the group to be ready to profit from this new opportunity. Having the necessary language skills and understandings of foreign investment regulations is a requisite of this real estate group. Davos can easily cross whatever language barrier presents an obstacle.

International investors would be well served to investigate this innovative boutique investment company. Real estate has a history of always being considered the safest investment available, and there exists a wide range of costs per square meter for real estate throughout Latin America. Investors can easily see the benefits of owning houses to rent, land to develop, and other properties to hold for investment in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. In fact, all of Latin America has a great potential for the savvy investor.

Other sources: Crunchbase

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PodcastOne Network Unveils the Beyond the Darkness Program to Captivate Its Diehard Fans December 21, 2016

Norman Pattiz has recently unveiled Beyond the Darkness as the latest audio installment of the PodcastOne network. As the Founder and Chairman of the network, Mr. Pattiz deemed it necessary to launch the podcast on its network. Produced by WWE star Chris Jericho, the program features enlightening conversations with renowned scientists and philosophers. The agenda of the podcast entails discussions on mythical creatures such as ghosts, aliens, monster sightings and demonic experiences. Such dialogues are expected to challenge humans’ perceptions on said creatures and their relevance to existence.


The new episode is slated for release on the company’s website and iTunes and will be hosted by radio producer Tim Dennis and prominent author Dave Schrader. Mr. Pattiz has hailed Chris Jericho’s input and commitment to the PodcastOne network. As a popular wrestler, Chris has managed to captivate the audience by delivering comedians from far and wide. By launching Beyond the Darkness, he aims at informing the masses on the paranormal world of supernatural beings.


Apart from providing non-stop entertainment, Jericho hopes to demystify certain beliefs about paranormal phenomenon worldwide. The radio presenters are also expected to promote the podcast to their large and loyal fan base across the world. Their attention and support are critical in achieving set goals and objectives of the Beyond the Darkness podcast. However, viewer discretion is advised as some of the content might be scary to viewers.


Profile of PodcastOne


PodcastOne is a prominent podcast network specializing on entertaining content from various personalities. Over the years, the network has hosted more than 200 celebrities such as Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Ross Mathews, Chris Webber and many more. Multinational corporations also use the network to advertise their products and services to its diverse customers.


About Norman Pattiz


Mr. Pattiz has served as Founder and CEO of PodcastOne since June 23, 2016. With over four decades of experience in radio syndication, Pattiz has capitalized on celebrity coverage to build a multi-million dollar media empire. His keen business acumen and people skills have catapulted his status towards a prominent and reliable entrepreneur in the media industry. Apart from managing the network, Pattiz also founded Westwood One, a media company based in New York. Under his perceptive leadership, Westwood grew into a leading service provider with over 150 programs.


Pattiz was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S as a testament to his proficiency and expertise. As a Board member, he was tasked with overseeing all nonmilitary broadcasting entities such as Radio Liberty, the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and Middle East Broadcasting companies.

Learn more:

Norman Pattiz on building a podcast empire: “Since there is no industry, I’m just doing it myself.”


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Keith Mann: Merging Professionalism With Philanthropic December 9, 2016

For the past 15 years, Keith Mann has worked in the executive search industry he started the nationally acknowledged initiatives in hiring and corporate staffing. The many years in the industry have equipped Keith Mann with expert knowledge in staffing and recruitment strategies as well as hedge funds compensation. He is also the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, a private equity company exclusively serving the alternative investment industry by assisting them in hiring investments as well as in the improvement and creation new marketing and internal strategy platforms. But most people are only familiar with Keith’s professionalism and less acquitted with his philanthropic ideals in New York.


Keith Mann and philanthropy

Together with his wife Keely Mann, Keith started the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship, an award program designed to recognize innovative business leaders and get them on the path to professional achievement through sponsorships. They recently launched the program in partnership with the Uncommon Schools, in Brooklyn, New York run by a non-profit charter management organization. During the launch, Keith intimated that the scholarship aims at helping students from low-income zones attend and graduate from college as well pair them with companies from whence they can cultivate their success using their college degree.

Nonetheless, Keith understands that the program can only succeed if there is sustained peace and order in the society. For this reason, he added his weight to the importance of peace in the society by supporting the New York’s Police Department order restoration programs in the wake of several unrests in the state earlier in the year. In an attempt to boost their morale, Keith has on several occasions sent out lunch to the entire 54th Precinct. Such gesture from a high profile businessman in the state has gone a long way in warding off the negativity surrounding the police force.


Bottom line

Both his professional and philanthropic ideas have one thing in common; future oriented. Just as he is committed to helping others navigate through the ropes of successful future through sponsorships or through the promotion of peace through which a community thrives, his entrepreneurial achievements such as helping hedge funds trudge on competitively with competitive strategy formulation perks such as the marketing department.


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Kyle Bass Still Thinks China Is Headed For Collapse July 28, 2016

Bass started making predictions about the Chinese economy back in 2015, toward the end of the fourth quarter, and as yet those predictions have not been verified; though it does seem there are some markers which indicate Bass isn’t totally out to lunch on this one. Most significantly, the steadily freezing bond market of China.

China has a three trillion dollar bond market, and it’s quickly coming to a standstill. Bass points to this as evidence of his prior claims; though he does seem to be softening his tune a little.

Kyle Bass predicted that there was a forty to fifty percent chance of economic implosion from the Chinese quarter by the end of 2016. He said it was definitely going to happen within the next two to three years, but that Americans should expect the drop to come by the end of this year. He qualified this statement by saying that there probably wouldn’t be a “Lehman Brothers Moment”, that China wouldn’t experience “Armageddon”, but that the government would very likely be forced into devaluing the currency, which would end up dropping the United States economy by a factor of about twenty percent.

The thing is, it’s July right now, and Bass has yet to be fully vindicated in his prediction. Sure, the bond market isn’t doing well, but it’s more “cold” than it is “frozen”. Since Bass has around a billion tied up in his bet against the Chinese economy, he’s also got incentive to help goad American investors into restraining their investiture in the company. Bass has a media platform to affect the economy from, given to him when he short-sold his holdings related to sub-prime lending prior the 2008 collapse. He became famous for that, and since then has become a regularly received voice on the international economic stage.

But Bass also supports a socialist despot in Argentina, his home country. Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has defaulted Argentina twice in thirteen years, never hears a negative word from Bass regarding her financial decisions. And that’s not to mention his pseudo-humanitarian group CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, who uses public sympathy and chicanery to force stock-drops Bass can short-sell. The man has some clever schemes up his sleeve, but they tend to be based around under-ethical practices.

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Lime Crime: A Success Story July 27, 2016

If you love to be current and sport bold lip colors, then Lime Crime is a good brand for you to try out. With vibrant lip and eye colors, among other great cosmetics, this truly unique collection will have you impressed. This company offers the boldest and best colors, created by Doe Deere. Doe Deere designed the company to have only the most trendy colors and has been experimenting with cosmetics since she was a young girl. It only started out as a hobby but turned into a success story.

When Doe Deere was a child, playing dress up was everything to her. She always was a fan of bright colors and patterns and strived to be different. Whether it was playing with her mothers makeup, clothes or accessories, it was always her favorite thing to do. At a slumber party with her friends, she realized how much she truly loved makeup, and from that point on, experimented nonstop to find the best looks for herself and others. Styles are constantly changing and Doe Deere works hard to keep up with them.

When she starting making her own makeup, she concluded that an eBay store would be the best way to get some customers. She never knew that Lime Crime would become so much bigger- if she had, she says that she might have come up with a more versatile name. But truthfully, the name has stuck with many so why change it now? Being an online company has really helped Doe find that success. Social media plays a huge role in getting more fame and press on her collections. Doe Deere was even named a Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneur this year, which was something she never expected to come about her “little side business.” It is only the beginning for this bold and beautiful cosmetic company. With this much success, it’s sure to become even bigger in due time. Being unique helps build the company an even better name.  Check them out on Facebook for pictures of their offerings, or news and updates.

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An Entrepreneur on the Right Path With Eucatex July 21, 2016

With the Olympic games around the corner and all eyes on Brazil, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are issues with sustainability within the country. The industry with the most impact within sustainability is likely those that deal with deforestation. With the Amazon being logged at an alarming rate, it becomes increasingly important for sustainability paradigms – and businesses – to gain traction in the region.

Luckily, a business owner and entrepreneur from Brazil is trying to make that happen. Mr. Flavio Maluf, president of two major companies based in the country, Eucatex and Grand Foods is a man with a vision for the future. Recently he addressed the growing controversial idea of technology and children. While some believe that new technologies are leading to distraction and loss of enjoyment in certain areas of life, Mr. Maluf discussed how technology has the opportunity, if we allow it to be so, to accelerate learning and education. Technology is unlikely to go away, so incorporating it into optimizing how we learn is an essential step, implied the business owner.

Eucatex is a company that has been generated around the idea of minimizing waste, and maximizing the use of recycled materials such as wood and plastic. They have environmental policies such as requiring to identify the source of all wood products used in production of goods, and have socioeconomic view points that are to the advantage of the surrounding area.

A large portion of the company’s goods are produced from recycled products and their is a meticulous inspection of how to produce at the most efficient, and environmentally friendly manner.

Since Mr. Maluf is a business oriented, he additionally has given insight into larger moves within the investment and business world, including discussing topics such as the merger between Allergan and Pfizer. While Flavio gain’s momentum in the business and investing world, it’s likely we’ll see him comment and perhaps even be involved in more of these larger shifts in business and economic paradigms.  Read more about what Flavio has done on LinkedIn.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Wants To Help Venezuela Change June 28, 2016

Change in Venezuela is going to be very hard unless regular people are let into the government, and that is where people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez comes in. He is one of the people that wants to keep the politics out of the hands of just the politicians. He also wants to see if he can help bring better services to the people of his country. He has a lot of employees who need these services, and he runs agricultural companies that need the government to function.

That also means that Jose Manuel Gonzalez cannot be the only person who gets involved in the government. He wants to make sure that he is going to bring in as many people as he can find, and he wants to show all these people that they can make a difference. He wants to be sure that the government is going to be representative of the people that it helps. He also wants to be sure that he is able to help people when they really need it.

There are many things that the government needs to do to make sure that all the people of the country get the services they need. They can get these services out easily when they are getting done by someone like Jose Manuel Gonzalez and the Venezuelan  people. He can bring people in to the government that are going to make it much easier to help the common people, and he also wants to see what he can do to make it easier for people to get the help they need. It is one thing to have services, but Gonzalez wants them to be accessible.

Everyone in Venezuela who wants to see change needs to follow the example of Jose Manuel Gonzalez because he is able to make real changes to the country on his own. He is making it easy for everyone to see that there is a bright future, and he is going to change the political climate when he gets into the government. There is a happy medium, and that is what Jose Manuel Gonzalez will find.

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Highland Capital Management, L.P. Looks To Increase Its Charitable Giving

Dallas-based Highland Capital Management, L.P., already a noted leader in philanthropic contributions to the Dallas community, has just brought civic leader Linda Owen on board to further their charitable efforts.

Linda Owen is an industry vet with years of experience in helping private companies support and give back to their communities. James Dondero, president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P., hopes that by joining forces with Owen, they can further increase their commitment to benefiting local charitable organizations.

Some of the beneficiaries of Highland’s current $3 million annual charitable contributions include the American Heart Association, The Center for Brain Health, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Uplift Education, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The list goes on.

Ms. Owen is especially excited to join the Highland team, under the leadership of Dondero, in its efforts to expand its philanthropic efforts. She was especially impressed with not only Highland’s financial commitment to charitable organizations, but with the time and energy its employees selflessly give to innovate creative solutions to the problems regularly faced by non-profits.

Ms. Owen assumes the position of charitable giving manager, where she will liaison with the administrator of Highland’s charitable giving fund, The Dallas Foundation.

Dondero is an SEC-registered investment adviser with over 30 years of experience investing in credit and equity markets. In addition to his role as philanthropist and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., Mr. Dondero also serves on the board of directors for several major companies, most recently NexPoint Residential Trust. Under his leadership, Highland Capital Management, L.P. currently manages approximately $18 million in assets.

This article recapped

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Keith Mann Recognizes Our Future Leaders With a New Scholarship

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will be awarded to our country’s future business leaders. The scholarship was established by Dynamics Search Partners’ founder, Keith Mann, to support Uncommon Schools’ mission. Each year, one graduating student from the Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn will be chosen.

Uncommon Schools Make The Ability to Achieve Common

With children in Kindergarten through 12th grade, Uncommon Schools serves 14,000 students in over 40 charter schools. Located in the city centers of New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, the school network provides low-income students the tools and support they need to become college graduates.

Finding the Awardee

Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn will begin accepting applications for the Mann Scholarship this year. The application includes a 1,000-word essay showcasing how college will be a part of their career path and becoming a business leader. The chosen awardee will be chosen among the graduating seniors and given $5,000 for tuition.

Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners

Mann began his career has an investment broker specializing in hedge funds. With more than 15 years industry experience, the natural entrepreneur began his own firm to find the next big talent.

Dynamics Search Partners is a specialized staffing agency for the hedge fund industry. Established in 2002 as Dynamics Executive Search, the company developed the Alternative Investment Practice to advance the industry’s capabilities and reach. The company expanded in 2006 to additionally cater to the private equity industry. After years of rising success, Mann reorganized and founded Dynamics Search Partners in 2009 to serve alternative investments in Asia, North America, and Europe.



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