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LOVAGANZA 2020: Revolutionizing the Way We See Love December 28, 2016

In an era of global turmoil, the visual arts have taken up the call of uniting people through love. In 2020, LOVAGANZA will feature a large stage production held at the Main Chapiteau called “Extravaganza of Love.” As a part of an overall celebration of worldwide cultures through various mediums of entertainment, “Extravaganza of Love” will host an array of uniquely talented performers, including actors, dancers, and acrobats. The one thing that unites these diverse artists is love; the goal is to show how love transcends categorical on divides like cultural differences.

To emphasize this beautiful connection, “Extravaganza of Love” will also feature a series of lovely landscape photographs from around the world. These pictures will be displayed on Immerscope’s incredibly immersive 3D glass-free wrap-around screen. Never before has technology of this magnitude played on such a role in providing an integrative, multi-cultural performance experience. This technology helps bring to life the core ideas and intersectionality of love and cultures.

In addition to “Extravaganza of Love”, LOVAGANZA will be showing a film trilogy at all locations called “LOVAGANZA CONVOY.” Directed, produced, and written by the French-Canadian director J.F. Gagnon, the “LOVAGANZA CONVOY” films will also be played in regular 2D and 3D theaters leading up to the LOVAGANZA celebrations in 2020. The trilogy will showcase footage filmed around the world using Immerscope’s impressive visual technology. “LOVAGANZA CONVOY” tells the tale of a former priest who is pursuing a convoy that claims they have found the elusive secret to personal happiness and strive to protect humankind from the morbid plans of “the Invisible Hand.” The initial film on in the trilogy is titled “The LOVAGANZA CONVOY: Part 1 – Follow Your Sunshine” – a title befitting a film being played at a global celebration of love and culture. The stunning master trailer for “Follow Your Sunshine” was released in 2015 and treats audiences to over three-and-a-half minutes of film footage, all shot in 35mm using Immerscope technology.

For all of LOVAGANZA’s currently released videos, be sure to check out their Vimeo page, where you will find footage from the “LOVAGANZA CONVOY” trilogy as well as more behind-the-scenes documentary footage. See:

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