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IAP Worldwide: Growth and Service Delivery in Challenging Operating Environment July 16, 2016

IAP Worldwide Services, the leading global logistics, facilities management and professional and technical service company, has been the center of innovative solutions to many customers worldwide. It is based in Cape Canaveral, FL and serves both public and private sector in more than 25 countries worldwide. It has other operational offices in Washington D.C.; UK; Panama City, FL and Middle East. The company is driven by a dedicated team of more than 2000 employees.

According to IAP, its services include expeditionary infrastructure, government services, power solutions, and aviation and engineering solutions specializing in upgrades, parts acquisition and repair. Among the clients that have worked with IAP Worldwide Services over the years is US Department of Defense. True to its mission, IAP leverages its unique expertise, superior technology and ingenuity to provide wide-range solutions. It has a culture that ensures that its team members are committed to deliver their best to satisfactorily solve clients’ problems. They are always ready at the slightest notice. This attitude makes them the best partner to work with in cases such as natural disaster and providing support in military battlefields.

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IAP has grown tremendously over the years to the level it is today. For the last 60 years, it has built reputation as a leader in resolving customers’ most stressing problems. It opened its doors in 1953 as Pan AM World Services, Inc. Then, it was the company that built and operated the first America’s space launch in Cape Canaveral. For nearly half a century, the company offered full facility maintenance support. Thereafter, there were several acquisitions and expansions.

Recently, IAP World Wide services, Inc acquired two major units of DRS Technologies, Inc. It acquired its Aviation and Logistics business (A & L) based in Oklahoma City, OK and Tactical Communication & Network Solutions business (TCNS) based in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. This was part of its long-term inorganic growth strategy. With this acquisition, API will increase its capacity to deliver as well double its current market size. Apart from this, API is also pursuing organic growth strategy through customer service, cost-cutting in operations and innovation in its core government services segment.

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