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Dr. Rick Shinto Lays the Blueprint for the Innovacare Health Solution; A Trail Others Should Follow August 21, 2017

Nothing beats a company that acknowledges that all its stakeholders and networks are important to them and largely determine the survival of the enterprise. Innovacare Health Solutions is a top ranked firm for the provision of health care services. This is largely because they are cautious about the operation at optimality yet at top notch level and cost effective standards. Other than adherence to the core of the policies and regulations, of the Puerto Rico’s government about health matters. There is also another boon for Innovacare which is its leadership board. Dr. Rick Shinto, the Chief Executive Officer for Innovacare Solutions and Penelope Kokkinides who has recently been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer among other seasoned person hold the managerial and administrative positions in the company.Through this committed leadership, the company’s light is shining bright making it a leader in the industry.

Through well researched and tested methods the company uniquely provides both clinical and operational healthcare services. It concurrently runs two healthcare plans; the MMM Healthcare and the PMC Medicare Choice. For compliance with quality improvement standards and customer protection, the Innovacare Health Solutions in 2011 obtained the stamp of approval from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This body enforces compliance and order of health care operations.The pool of professionals careful incorporated into the system is essentially the greatest asset for the Innovacare. The three top executives added who include; Penelope Kokkinides- the Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Meyers- Chief Actuary Officer and Mike Sortino- Chief Accounting Officer have shown excellence in other prestigious positions held in the past. Particularly, Kokkinides leadership and exemplary performance at the AmeriChoice, Touchstone Health, and CenterLight Healthcare can be traced back to her.

About Dr. Rick Shinto

He is popularly known as Dr. Rick Shinto although his official names are Richard Shinto. He currently is the President and Chief Executive Officer for the Innovacare Inc, a role he has taken up with due diligence and professionalism. To his name are a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of California, another one from University of New York and an MBA from the University of Redlands, his alma mater.To kick start his medical career journey was his engagement as an intern and pulmonologist in the Southern California. He later worked for the Medical Pathways Management Company, NAMM California and MedPartners. Under his able leadership, he has established some profitable and sustainable models through his over 20 years of experience. He has documented some valuable medical pieces from his research and observation in clinical practice.

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