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Historian and Collector Michael Zomber November 24, 2016

Michael Zomber has led a very interesting life that has attracted a large amount of attention from the media. He has a wide variety of interests that have often brought him into the public eye. One of the things he is best known for is his very impressive collection of samurai swords and old guns. Michael has been interviewed extensively about his collections on many occasions. They are considered to be two of the best collections in the world because of the rarity and condition of many of the pieces. Some of his guns and swords are extremely rare. Michael likes to research the history of every gun and sword he buys. Whenever possible, he prefers to find out the names of the people who have owned these items and where they were made.

Michael Zomber’s vast historical knowledge is a valuable resource that the History Channel has taken advantage of many times in the past. They have featured many interviews with Michael during their various documentaries over the years. There can be no question that Michael has become one of the top contributors to the History Channel. He has said that the cable channel is very easy to work with because their interviewers do their homework and they ask all of the right questions. Michael hopes to keep working with them in the future.

Michael Zomber has also had several of his books published to widespread acclaim. Many of the books that he has written deal with the mystery surrounding the lives of the ancient samurai warriors who existed 400 years ago in feudal Japan. One of Michael’s books that has received a great deal of media coverage was his “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai” 2009 release. This is a non-fiction story that Michael considers to be his most personal work. Many of the biggest literary critics in the United States gave this book very positive reviews when it was originally released. “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War” is one of Michael’s very well-received fiction offerings that has gained him many fans.

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