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The Portfolio Manager Taking Capital Group To Greater Heights December 28, 2016

Timothy Armour is a longtime employee of Capital Group and a successful longtime portfolio manager. Armour attended Middlebury College where he graduated with a degree in economics. He was hired by Capital Group after school and was a part of the Associates Program. He later became an equity investment analyst at the company where he was involved with telecoms and service enterprises in the US. Armour was later promoted to equity portfolio management and then Chairman of the Capital Group.

He is currently the Director and Principal of Capital Research. Armour was appointed Chairman in 2015 after the death of James Rothenberg. Armour was expected to become Chairman at the company because of his long career there and understanding of how the company worked. He will collaborate with other top executives at the firm to steer the enterprise forward and to ensure that it continues to experience success.

Janet Yang is a financial analyst. Janet gave Capital Global an A rating for the continued excellence and success it has had since it was started. She noted that the firm that has more than $1 trillion in assets would only continue to produce significant returns for years to come because of its detailed approach to investing. She says that Capital Global was a company to be emulated because of its consistent investment culture and the great employees who work there. She singled out some of the portfolio managers at the company including Armour and Lovelace. They were essential to the enterprise because of their long-term thinking investment approach. Yang also pointed out that Capital Group was so good that most of its employees worked there their whole careers.

Capital Group recently entered into a partnership with Samsung Asset Management which is the investment arm of the technology company. The two enterprises would assist each other in asset management in the South Korean market. The deal outlined a few areas that they would focus on including distribution, retirement organization, and product and investment management. Armour said that it was difficult to make accurate statistical analyses with an aging population in Korea. The capital was brought in to help in coming up with reliable results.

Armour wrote an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal to advise investors on how to find good managers who will earn them good returns. He advises investors to look for active managers and not to settle for index funds that perform averagely because of the current market.

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