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Securus Technologies, Helping The World Become A Better Place December 8, 2017

Securus is a technology company that was founded in 1986. Securus’ headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas; however, they have facilities located in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton, Texas, and Allen, Texas. Securus is a fairly large sized company. They are home to about 1,000 employees. Securus also has contracts with jails and prisons throughout the United States and Canada. Throughout the past three years, Securus has spent more than $600 million dollars to help provide state of the art services to their clients.


Some people only know Securus to serve as a phone provider to prisoners. This assumption is normal considering Securus serves over one million inmates across the country for phone services. However, Securus also provides other services for inmates and law enforcement personnel as well. They specifically provide emergency response, incident management, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self service, information management, and monitoring products. The company also provides services that improve the overall safety of human lives.


Recently customers of Securus came out to openly express their gratitude for all of their services. Law enforcement officers have came out and shared a personal story when Securus actually helped prevent crime from happening from recording phone conversations from a suspect. With the help of Securus, the police department was able to arrest the suspect which prevented him from completing the crime that he was about to complete. Securus has also helped law enforcement recover millions of dollars of illegal drugs and money by using their investigating tools. With all that Securus has done the success stories can go on and on. Securus has and will continue to use their amazing investigating tools to help prevent and stop crime. All of their clients are more than grateful for all of their hard work, dedication, and all of the money invested to help the job get done!


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Securus Technologies and Their Commitment to Safety September 29, 2017

If you want to discover perhaps the most dangerous job in the world, try putting on a police officer’s uniform and working inside and overcrowded prison packed with violent gang members who have little regard for authority. These inmates will jump at the chance to hurt an officer because it gets out some of their aggression and it gives them credibility with their fellow inmates.


For these reasons and more, we have to be working extra carefully to be sure that we are not sent to the emergency room or worse when we should be just putting in our hours at our job.


Last year the prison signed up with Securus Technologies to get their inmate telephone monitoring system installed, and today I can say it was one of the best decisions our company made. The team at Securus Technologies have already installed this same system in well over a thousand jails, and once the LBS software is implemented, officers have an invaluable resource at their disposal. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, continues to push his employees to making this world safer for each and every one of us.


To give you a good idea why me and my fellow officers have become so dependent on the call monitoring system, lets talk about what type of issues we avoiding this month alone. The LBS system alerted my team one day that an inmate was meeting his sister in the visitor center when he was hoping to receive a bag of heroin from her. We intercepted a call where one inmate had gotten an order from the soldiers on the street to hurt a rival gang member. We ever were able to discover the hiding places of weapons in the yard that could have been used on me or my fellow officers in the blink of an eye.


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