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There’s No Place For A Wedding Like New York City December 20, 2017

New York City is an all inclusive Eden of services and entertainment. There are hundreds of choices in every category of wants and needs for people who tread the streets. So many choices of food, entertainment and top shelf luxury would seem like a dream to most people, unless you are trying to plan a wedding. With all the amazing locations and wide spectrum of available settings it can quickly become overwhelming to decide on the best venue for that perfect day. But with a few tips and tricks you can quickly narrow the search through the vast city and pinpoint the ideal place.

Starting your plan with a solid budget can immediately narrow down the choices. Everyone’s budget is different but is always an appropriate foundation for the event that is being planned. New York has facilities to accommodate any price point so staying true to the budget still allows for many options without increasing stress of money issues.

Compiling a list and pictures of what kind of venue you see in your head should be the next step. Creating a physical picture that you can compare to the places around New York that you preview can help maintain focus and decrease confusion. Specific details about the venues will also be key depending on how meticulous your wedding day vision is. As you preview each location make notes that you can compile into a spreadsheet for later comparisons. This will help keep all the information clear instead of straining to remember facts about each place which can become exhausting.

Once the list has been narrowed down to a small amount call and check the availability for the date you want. It may be impossible to get the one you want so having several available options that are equally as desirable can make the process easier. Once you have those few that you like and are available for your date, revisit each one for the fine details and overall feeling. Walking back into that space should feel like it was meant for your special day all along and you’ll know it was the right choice.


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