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David Osio Leading Davos Financial Group Into New Markets December 30, 2016

David J. Osio is an international business person who is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has carefully guided the expansion and growth of his creation using his multi-cultural leadership abilities. Davos Financial Group has been expanded internationally and now includes offices in Geneva, Switzerland, Lisbon, Portugal, Panama City, Panama, along with offices in the United States of America located in New York and Miami.

Osio’s company offers independent and customized financial services. Davos specializes in portfolio structuring, asset management, tax and corporate planning, and other trust and banking services.

In a recent PRNewswire article David Osio and the Davos Real Estate Group announced the introduction of their “Davos CAP Calculator.” This revolutionary device will estimate the return on investment (ROI) from different real estate investments that the client may be considering. The costs are simply added into the application algorithm, and the potential profits and advantages to owning land and real estate are revealed.

The Davos Real Estate Group is a leader in the booming Latin America real estate market, and this device can easily offer a quick risk/reward calculation to the client of the Davos Financial Group. Read the entire PRNewswire article here.

Davos Financial Group, through the actions of its real estate division, is poised to meet the expansion of the real estate market in areas of Latin America which had previously been deemed too difficult or complicated to enter for foreign investors. Osio and Davos have seen an opportunity and have poised the group to be ready to profit from this new opportunity. Having the necessary language skills and understandings of foreign investment regulations is a requisite of this real estate group. Davos can easily cross whatever language barrier presents an obstacle.

International investors would be well served to investigate this innovative boutique investment company. Real estate has a history of always being considered the safest investment available, and there exists a wide range of costs per square meter for real estate throughout Latin America. Investors can easily see the benefits of owning houses to rent, land to develop, and other properties to hold for investment in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. In fact, all of Latin America has a great potential for the savvy investor.

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