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Discover How To Live Your Dreams With Passion January 11, 2017

Doe Deere got her start at a young age, simply, by trying on her mother’s clothing and makeup. However, the dull neutral colors of the late 90’s, didn’t impressed her creative genius. She would later began to popularize temporary tattoos in her native Russia, by wearing them. Shortly after, she began selling them to her friends and learning the art of marketing. By thirteen, she was selling novelty tattoos and they were very popular among her friends. She would later move to New York City and learn the value of marketing and much more.


Lime Crime Was Born…


New York gave Deere the opportunity to take part in a rock band. She admired all the people that showed up for her events and discovered they contributed to her success. Playing in a band wasn’t what Doe would be destined to do forever. She later quit the band and started design school. Joining designed school helped Deere sort out her unconventional way of thinking. She later married the soloist of a band. Design school gave her the confidence to think bold and create bright colors for her own unique makeup line. Lime Crime was born and she soon created rich velvetine matte and superfoil eye shadow and lip stick shades. In fact, her line of cosmetics are completely waterproof.


Exclusive Guest Of A Guest Article


Doe Deere admits that Lime Crime would have never came to the forefront, if she listened to what people had to say. In order to live out your dreams, Deere says, that you have to be comfortable with not thinking like other people. You have

to find what you’re good at doing and perfect your creative niche. Thousands of women have a talent, says Doe, and they need to find out what it is and do the best that they can, to bring it to fruition.


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