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Feel Like Your Makeup is Illegal with Lime Crime January 27, 2017

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of a cosmetic line known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was raised in New York City however, she was born in Russia. Doe Deere wants to prove that make-up isn’t just for concealing your imperfections but that it is also a way to feel free and to express yourself! Doe feels as though beauty isn’t always what looks “best” necessarily, but what feels right to you in that moment! This is why she decided to launch her own cosmetic line in 2008. Lime Crime Cosmetics is not only colorful and magical, it is also cruelty-free!


Lime Crime is bold, vibrant, and intensely pigmented! These cosmetics are also animal friendly. Doe Deere developed the name Lime Crime because of her favorite color as well as the fact that she wanted make-up that is so bright and vivid it would feel illegal wearing it! Originally, though, limecrime was Doe Deere’s eBay shop name back in 2004 where she sold her DIY fashion line. Everything that she sold she modeled herself, so how she did her make-up became her staple. Lime Crime was then launched in 2008!


Doe Deere believes that by treating not only her partners and vendors with respect, but also her employees, that she was able to grow her business to what it is today. Doe Deere’s goal in her business is to uplift others and push them to exceed and do their best through her positive reinforcement. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Doe Deere, though. In 2014 she went through a security breach. The Lime Crime website was hacked by some cyber-thieves and some of her trusted customer’s information was stolen. Restoring that trust with her customers was one of the hardest things she has had to encounter! Although it was an awful time for Lime Crime, Doe Deere feels as though they were able to learn a lot and come out of it even stronger than before!


Doe Deere has done amazing getting her business up and running, and working through the tough patches! As an entrepreneur, Doe insists that you just always trust your gut. You will always encounter situations where you just don’t have enough information, so you are going to need to rely on your instincts to get you through those! It doesn’t happen over night, you need to give it time to develop, but soon enough it will become second nature!

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