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I Now Live In A High-Rise Building Because I Worked With Town Residential November 17, 2016


Town Residential really came through for me, and let me explain how. I lived in a home with my wife and two kids, and unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. I had to move out of my marital home, and now I’m looking for a new place. Fortunately, I was offered a new job, and the job required me to move to New York City.


I had to pay money out of my pocket for a hotel, and I knew that I would save a lot more money if I just stayed in my own home, but I just didn’t have the time to start looking for any kind of real estate. I had to commission a real estate agency to start working for me, and it’s something I should’ve done from the beginning. I called several real estate agencies one night, and the one that really had my interest is Town Residential, because of their extensive selection of NYC properties.


The reason that Town Residential was the company I chose is because of their portfolio of homes. I really like nice things, and that’s why I’ve been staying in the best hotel in New York City since I got my new job, and Town Residential has some amazing homes. I was ready to purchase or lease a home, depending on what they found for me, and Town Residential really did find me some good homes. I chose a place to live that was in a high-rise building, and the place was a beautiful penthouse.


Not only was my penthouse a work of art, but I had a view that anyone would love to see outside their window every morning. I now get up in the mornings so happy to go to work because I live in a great place. Even though lots of bad things have happened over the past year, I’ve moved on from my divorce, but my kids can come to see me in my fabulous penthouse any time. Town Residential has come through for me in my worst time, and I’m very thankful for them.

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