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Jason Hope Is Really Stoked About The Future November 4, 2017

The potential of the world around us is enormous. Conditions affect material things in different ways. If we can find ways to make material items sense conditions and communicate that sensory information to us and other material items, we can improve the world.

There is a name for this concept—the Internet of Things. If you think of the word “internet,” you might think that what is being referred to is a network that you tap into by looking at and interacting with computer screen. To understand the Internet of Things, you must lay this definition of the “internet” to rest. You may not know that the Internet of Things has swept the nation. It exists in the form of objects being connected wirelessly to each other, or maybe even being connected with wires sometimes, and sending technical information to each other. It exists in the form of objects being able to sense things and respond, whether it be touch from a person or information received from another object.

The Internet of Things has humongous amounts of potential to change the world for the better. For instance, the amounts of waste can be radically diminished by using the Internet of Things. The topic of “waste” seems like something that is far away, far off and not such a big deal. However, it is a big deal because waste and pollution make human beings sick. Waste poisons our supplies of food and water, and causes us to development life threatening ailments. As a testament to how many materials go to waste in the world, there are big clumps of trash floating on top of the Pacific Ocean. Where these pieces of trash came from and who used them is a mystery, though we know for certain that this is not a good sign.

Jason Hope is a major visionary who writes about technology. His most written subject is the Internet of Things. He constantly talks about all of the good that can come out of the Internet of Things. He is also really, really stoked about driverless cars. Its funny that his last name is “Hope,” because he seems to have a lot of hope for the future. This hope is what drives him to be really stoked about the Internet of Things. He truly understands that the sky is limit when it comes to human and technological progress.

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