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Keith Mann: Merging Professionalism With Philanthropic December 9, 2016

For the past 15 years, Keith Mann has worked in the executive search industry he started the nationally acknowledged initiatives in hiring and corporate staffing. The many years in the industry have equipped Keith Mann with expert knowledge in staffing and recruitment strategies as well as hedge funds compensation. He is also the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, a private equity company exclusively serving the alternative investment industry by assisting them in hiring investments as well as in the improvement and creation new marketing and internal strategy platforms. But most people are only familiar with Keith’s professionalism and less acquitted with his philanthropic ideals in New York.


Keith Mann and philanthropy

Together with his wife Keely Mann, Keith started the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship, an award program designed to recognize innovative business leaders and get them on the path to professional achievement through sponsorships. They recently launched the program in partnership with the Uncommon Schools, in Brooklyn, New York run by a non-profit charter management organization. During the launch, Keith intimated that the scholarship aims at helping students from low-income zones attend and graduate from college as well pair them with companies from whence they can cultivate their success using their college degree.

Nonetheless, Keith understands that the program can only succeed if there is sustained peace and order in the society. For this reason, he added his weight to the importance of peace in the society by supporting the New York’s Police Department order restoration programs in the wake of several unrests in the state earlier in the year. In an attempt to boost their morale, Keith has on several occasions sent out lunch to the entire 54th Precinct. Such gesture from a high profile businessman in the state has gone a long way in warding off the negativity surrounding the police force.


Bottom line

Both his professional and philanthropic ideas have one thing in common; future oriented. Just as he is committed to helping others navigate through the ropes of successful future through sponsorships or through the promotion of peace through which a community thrives, his entrepreneurial achievements such as helping hedge funds trudge on competitively with competitive strategy formulation perks such as the marketing department.


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