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Lime Crime: A Success Story July 27, 2016

If you love to be current and sport bold lip colors, then Lime Crime is a good brand for you to try out. With vibrant lip and eye colors, among other great cosmetics, this truly unique collection will have you impressed. This company offers the boldest and best colors, created by Doe Deere. Doe Deere designed the company to have only the most trendy colors and has been experimenting with cosmetics since she was a young girl. It only started out as a hobby but turned into a success story.

When Doe Deere was a child, playing dress up was everything to her. She always was a fan of bright colors and patterns and strived to be different. Whether it was playing with her mothers makeup, clothes or accessories, it was always her favorite thing to do. At a slumber party with her friends, she realized how much she truly loved makeup, and from that point on, experimented nonstop to find the best looks for herself and others. Styles are constantly changing and Doe Deere works hard to keep up with them.

When she starting making her own makeup, she concluded that an eBay store would be the best way to get some customers. She never knew that Lime Crime would become so much bigger- if she had, she says that she might have come up with a more versatile name. But truthfully, the name has stuck with many so why change it now? Being an online company has really helped Doe find that success. Social media plays a huge role in getting more fame and press on her collections. Doe Deere was even named a Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneur this year, which was something she never expected to come about her “little side business.” It is only the beginning for this bold and beautiful cosmetic company. With this much success, it’s sure to become even bigger in due time. Being unique helps build the company an even better name.  Check them out on Facebook for pictures of their offerings, or news and updates.

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