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PodcastOne Network Unveils the Beyond the Darkness Program to Captivate Its Diehard Fans December 21, 2016

Norman Pattiz has recently unveiled Beyond the Darkness as the latest audio installment of the PodcastOne network. As the Founder and Chairman of the network, Mr. Pattiz deemed it necessary to launch the podcast on its network. Produced by WWE star Chris Jericho, the program features enlightening conversations with renowned scientists and philosophers. The agenda of the podcast entails discussions on mythical creatures such as ghosts, aliens, monster sightings and demonic experiences. Such dialogues are expected to challenge humans’ perceptions on said creatures and their relevance to existence.


The new episode is slated for release on the company’s website and iTunes and will be hosted by radio producer Tim Dennis and prominent author Dave Schrader. Mr. Pattiz has hailed Chris Jericho’s input and commitment to the PodcastOne network. As a popular wrestler, Chris has managed to captivate the audience by delivering comedians from far and wide. By launching Beyond the Darkness, he aims at informing the masses on the paranormal world of supernatural beings.


Apart from providing non-stop entertainment, Jericho hopes to demystify certain beliefs about paranormal phenomenon worldwide. The radio presenters are also expected to promote the podcast to their large and loyal fan base across the world. Their attention and support are critical in achieving set goals and objectives of the Beyond the Darkness podcast. However, viewer discretion is advised as some of the content might be scary to viewers.


Profile of PodcastOne


PodcastOne is a prominent podcast network specializing on entertaining content from various personalities. Over the years, the network has hosted more than 200 celebrities such as Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Ross Mathews, Chris Webber and many more. Multinational corporations also use the network to advertise their products and services to its diverse customers.


About Norman Pattiz


Mr. Pattiz has served as Founder and CEO of PodcastOne since June 23, 2016. With over four decades of experience in radio syndication, Pattiz has capitalized on celebrity coverage to build a multi-million dollar media empire. His keen business acumen and people skills have catapulted his status towards a prominent and reliable entrepreneur in the media industry. Apart from managing the network, Pattiz also founded Westwood One, a media company based in New York. Under his perceptive leadership, Westwood grew into a leading service provider with over 150 programs.


Pattiz was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S as a testament to his proficiency and expertise. As a Board member, he was tasked with overseeing all nonmilitary broadcasting entities such as Radio Liberty, the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and Middle East Broadcasting companies.

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