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Jason Hope believe in the anti-aging programs December 11, 2017

Jason Hope is using the influence and money in making sure that they are developments when it comes to the anti-aging initiatives. Though he concentrates so much on the SENS foundation. SENS foundation was founded in 2009, and it’s a non-profit firm that helps in the talking of age-related diseases. From the moment it was established, it has been a driven force in what is referred as rejuvenation biotechnology. Its primary focus will be to deal and carry research on age-related diseases.

In 2010, that’s when Hope got do involved in the SENS foundation after he donated the half a million to the firm. Because of his donation, the organization was able to establish the Cambridge SENS laboratory. The laboratory was going to help the foundation in getting the new research going. Jason Hope did not donate the half a million only. Since then he has been a tremendous help to the foundation because he gave over one million of his money to the organization. The main reason he says that he has been donating to SENS foundation. It’s that he believes in what they do and that it’s essential to advance human medicine. SENS foundation can change the healthcare and pharmaceutical.

Jason hope has this one reputation that people know him for as a very experienced futurist. He understands how the technology works and he has the needed passion too. With the knowledge that he has gotten over the several years of his career, he can watch a company and then predict how the future of the company will be when it comes to the technology. Based on the trends that are available when it comes to technology, hope believes that the future modern society will depend so much on the power of the internet that is available now. He was raised in Tempe, and later he attended the Arizona State University where he attained a degree in finance. He does not only have a degree he has an MBA from the ASU’S.

He is always coming up with new methods of using technology that will be able to help humanity. As a futurist, he has one goal in mind that is he will be able to work with business owners in guiding them to come up with ways that they can use the technology to their advantage. He courage’s the young entrepreneurs too because he believes that young people have the ideas, but sometimes they lack the finances.

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