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The Great Cleansing Conditioner Experiment July 11, 2016

In a recent article on Bustle, a writer decided to experiment with Wen By Chaz conditioner to see if all the hair-shaking infomercials were really true with their promise of hair magic in a bottle. Could using Wen By Chaz really transform thin, brittle hair into the luscious locks displayed in those YouTube pop-up ads? This writer used the product for one week and meticulously documented the experience, complete with before-and-after shots and specifics on product amount and the usage cycle.

Shinier and Bouncier

On the very first day of use, the writer noticed that her hair felt much thicker even when applying the product, that less hair strands fell out during her shower, and that her hair appeared significantly more shiny and bouncy once dried and styled. Needless to say, the Wen By Chaz experiment was off to a very good start.

By Day 3 of using Wen By Chaz the writer was getting used to having thicker, shinier, and bouncier hair. The only times when her hair seemed oily, greasy, or flat were the time periods before her showers or if she did not have time to take a shower. It never failed that when she actually used Wen By Chaz she enjoyed the results. By Day 5 she was feeling completely confident about her hair, and on Day 6 received multiple compliments from her friends on her hair’s new shiny appearance. By the close of the week she was fully integrated into her new styling routine with Wen By Chaz and fully satisfied with the continued results.

The Wen By Chaz Line

Wen By Chaz operates with the philosophy that hair care never has to be hard. This line of natural hair care products is designed to be simple to use and highly effective in bringing users with many different hair types the excellence in style they have long craved. This has made Wen By Chaz one of the most popular and enduring hair care brands currently on the Amazon online market.

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