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Tony Petrello Helps Employees Meet Needs For Houston Communities Affected By Hurricane Harvey January 3, 2018

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey caused $198 billion in damage throughout the entire Gulf region. It is the costliest hurricane in recorded U.S. History. In Houston, Texas there were an estimated 37,000 displaced families with many of them having to move to temporary shelters without any personal care items or essential needs. The flooding through the neighborhoods only increased the inability to help those in need. There was a great resource needed throughout the community.

The employees of Nabors Industries felt compelled to reach out to the community with time, energy and compassion to bring some type of burden relief. In order for them to accomplish their relief efforts, they needed to take time off work.

When Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, found out about the employees desire to help the community, he rushed to put an action-plan together in order to assist them. The first action Tony did was to assure the employees who gave their time to the relief efforts that they would not lose pay while helping. Tony approved for Nabors Industries employees to be paid while contributing their time to the relief efforts. This unprecedented action was additionally helpful since about 10 percent of the employees were affected by the devastation.

Tony is not a stranger to community projects and serving those who are in need. His philanthropy efforts can be seen all throughout Houston, Texas. Tony is passionate towards others within his philanthropic work and very involved in community. Along with his wife Cynthia, Tony founded the Petrello Family Foundation in 2001. The foundation has distributed more than $3 million for educational scholarship programs to the youth in Houston, Texas some of whom have parents that work at Nabors Industries and have been awarded scholarships themselves.

Additionally, Tony and his wife Cynthia were the primary donors for the Jan and Dan Duncan Research Institute when they contributed $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Neurological research is close to the hearts of Tony and Cynthia who are raising their daughter Carena with cerebral palsy after her premature birth. Tony was also appointed to the Board of Trustees with Texas Children’s Hospital.

It’s not every day that a CEO is able to connect with their employees on the level that most would like to, but Tony took the opportunity to do so and also added his equal amount of passion to help others.

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