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OSI Group: Global Food Suppliers November 19, 2017

OSI Group is a food provider for many popular restaurants such as McDonald’s, to which it supplies beef patties. Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza are other franchises that receive a variety of meats from the company. Their high quality food products come in both cooked and uncooked versions, and they carry private label brands, along with major brand name items.

Formerly known as OSI Industries, the company went through a name change in 2004, when it became OSI Group. It was started in 1909 by a man of German descent named Otto Kolchowsky, who had initially opened a family-owned meat market in Oak Park, Illinois just 2 years after moving to the United States. After the business grew to be successful, Kolchowsky went into selling his meats at wholesale, and expanded into a Chicago suburb. During that time, the business was known as Otto and Sons.

Today, the company’s headquarters is still based in Illinois, and it is headed by Chairman, CEO and CFO, Sheldon Lavin. It brings in annual profits of about $3 billion, and was ranked number 58 on the Forbes list in 2016. It was also listed as being one of the largest private companies in the U.S. that offers customized food solutions. Last year, the business acquired the former Tyson Foods factory on Chicago’s South side for a little over $7 million.

There are more than 20,000 employees working at the company, some of them being former employees of the Tyson Foods plant who were offered jobs at OSI Group when Tyson was bought out by the business. Not only does the food supply group have factories in Chicago, but it also has production centers in several other cities in states like Iowa, Utah, Wisconsin and California. In addition to that, it has operational facilities in 17 other countries in parts of Europe and Asia.

OSI Group has a stake in German-based Baho Foods, and it acquired another European food supply company called Flagship. In addition to providing restaurants with many meat products, OSI also provides vegetables, as well as dough for baking. Because of the company’s good business practices and decisions, CEO Sheldon Lavin was presented with a Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016. Lavin said that he felt very honored and humbled to be receiving such an award, and that he hopes to see the company continue to have steady profitable growth.

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Sahm Adrangi: A Man Of Many Talents November 16, 2017

Sahm Adrangi, who graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, is best known for his research and short selling. Sahm Adrangi began successful career by debunking fraudulent Chinese companies. He worked as an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management and more recently, he has played a large role in Kerrisade Capital Management LLC in New York City since founding the company in 2009 to his current role as Chief Investment Officer. Kerrisdale Capital is a company that focuses on long-term value investments and event-driven special situations. He has grown the company from under $1 million dollars to $150 million in the roughly eight years since its establishment.

One article, released in April of last year, highlights Sahm Adrangi’s success in raising over $100 million from many investors to bet against one, yes- one, stock which come to be known as the “co-investment”. Although he has previously collected large sums of money for betting against companies, this marks the first time that he, or anyone else for that matter, has collected such a large sum. In an email to his fellow investors, Sahm Adrangi reveals his take on how quickly such a large sum of money was raised, stating that it just shows the like-mindedness of those who have contributed in their stance against this company, whose name had not yet been released at the time of the article being written. He goes on to write that their goal is to uncover the truth about said company and make the information public. Because of the secrecy that was still surrounding the bet against this stock at the time of this article being published, many people who disclosed what they knew chose to remain anonymous and much information that could have given away which company was going to be exposed was withheld.

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Jason Hope Is Really Stoked About The Future November 4, 2017

The potential of the world around us is enormous. Conditions affect material things in different ways. If we can find ways to make material items sense conditions and communicate that sensory information to us and other material items, we can improve the world.

There is a name for this concept—the Internet of Things. If you think of the word “internet,” you might think that what is being referred to is a network that you tap into by looking at and interacting with computer screen. To understand the Internet of Things, you must lay this definition of the “internet” to rest. You may not know that the Internet of Things has swept the nation. It exists in the form of objects being connected wirelessly to each other, or maybe even being connected with wires sometimes, and sending technical information to each other. It exists in the form of objects being able to sense things and respond, whether it be touch from a person or information received from another object.

The Internet of Things has humongous amounts of potential to change the world for the better. For instance, the amounts of waste can be radically diminished by using the Internet of Things. The topic of “waste” seems like something that is far away, far off and not such a big deal. However, it is a big deal because waste and pollution make human beings sick. Waste poisons our supplies of food and water, and causes us to development life threatening ailments. As a testament to how many materials go to waste in the world, there are big clumps of trash floating on top of the Pacific Ocean. Where these pieces of trash came from and who used them is a mystery, though we know for certain that this is not a good sign.

Jason Hope is a major visionary who writes about technology. His most written subject is the Internet of Things. He constantly talks about all of the good that can come out of the Internet of Things. He is also really, really stoked about driverless cars. Its funny that his last name is “Hope,” because he seems to have a lot of hope for the future. This hope is what drives him to be really stoked about the Internet of Things. He truly understands that the sky is limit when it comes to human and technological progress.

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A Story of Personal Philanthropy: How Betsy DeVos Gives Back October 23, 2017

I recently read a very interesting article highlighting just some of the giving of our Secretary of Education, Mrs. Betsy DeVos. While I pat myself handsomely on the back for making my annual Christmas donations of a few hundred dollars, it is incredibly moving to see how as Betsy DeVos’s fortune has grown she only continues to increase her level of giving. It is also a wonderful thing to see the wide variety of sectors that the DeVos Family Foundation is contributing to and how much those funds are making a real difference. For many of these charities, the DeVos Family Foundation is their largest donor and those annual contributions are doing incredible things for these worthy groups. Below is a brief recap of the information I found for Betsy DeVos’s philanthropic giving.


Educational Philanthropy: How Our Education Secretary Goes the Extra Mile

Mrs. DeVos is clearly passionate about education including school choice. The Foundation gave $100,000 to the Alliance for School Choice which helps create additional options for families to select a school for their child outside of merely the one that they happen to live in. She is also very passionate about charter schools. In 2015 the DeVos Foundation donated $150,000 to Success Academy Charter Schools and also has made pledges for ongoing future donations. Another $50,000 was donated to Jeb Bush’s group the Foundation for Excellence in Education of which Mrs. DeVos has previously served on the board for.



In addition to the vast array of work the Foundation does with grade schools, they also contribute heavily to multiple colleges. Betsy DeVos is especially passionate about Arts Management and many of their donations centralize around it. For example, they donated $500,000 to the Arts management institute at the University of Maryland which actually has an Arts Management building named after the DeVos’s. They also donate to multiple other universities including Davenport University, Rollins College, Calvin College, Wake Forest and Grand Rapids Community College.


Additionally Betsy DeVos is an avid supporter of many non-profits outside of the education sector. She served on the board and is a major contributor to the Center for the Performing Arts at the John F. Kennedy Center as well as Boy Scouts of America.


Betsy DeVos is a prime example of how with success can bring the ability to give back handsomley to the philanthropic causes you are passionate about. I always love hearing stories of how people who have earned success are making a difference by empowering others to overcome obstacles and earn their own success. The DeVos Family Foundation keeps on giving and gives me hope for our country’s education system under her leadership as U.S. Secretary of State.


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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia October 21, 2017

Equities first holdings specialize in developing alternative lending solutions for businesses and individuals who are seeking non-purpose capital. It operates on a deal to deal basis. It offers borrowers institutional security as all transactions are executed using industry standard methods and reliable legal partners. If an equity solution is proved to be right for you, the equity team determines the terms of the loan and the amount they can give you. A fixed interest rate is then calculated then the client signs the agreement. It offers lower fixed interest rates i.e. as low as 3%.

It uses equity as loan collateral for their stock loan thus a borrower might choose to enter into a transaction with equities first. Throughout the duration of the financing period, agreed upon interest-only payments are made. At the conclusion of the financing period, your pledged collateral is returned in full, upon repayment of the principal funding. Their clients are given flexibility for their own pursuits. All pledged collateral is returned to the borrower at the end of the loan term.


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Luiz Trabuco And His Role In Making Bradesco A Global Powerhouse October 13, 2017

Luiz Trabuco is a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur, a skilled leader, a sociologist, and a family man. He is the current President of Bradesco, a banking institution that has significantly contributed to the growth of the Brazilian banking sector. The exceptional leader became the bank’s President in 2009 after the retirement of the former President, Marcio Cyriono. Cyriono is widely credited for helping Bradesco become the giant we know today. He represented a belief in innovativeness that helped increase Bradesco’s value from $5 billion to a tune of $30 billion.

However, in the summer of 2009, the same year Luiz took over as President, Bradesco lost its position as the leading financial institution in Brazil to its long-time competitor, Unibanco. Unibanco merged with Itau to form Itau Unibanco, which had a huge market share that took Bradesco’s first position. Everybody, including Lazaro Brandao, the Board’s Chair, wanted Luiz to come up with a strategy that would help his bank get back its former glory. Instead, Luiz decided to focus on the expansion of Bradesco’s client base. According to him, customers were an essential resource and improving customer experience was his first priority. The exceptional leader introduced new strategies that revolutionized the Brazilian banking sector. Soon, Bradesco started to penetrate more regions both locally and internationally.

Having been in the financial sector for more than 20 years, Luiz knew the importance of collaboration. In his first year as President, Luiz reorganized Bradesco’s management circle and came up with a platform the brought all the bank’s executives together. The move helped centralize all Bradesco’s decisions and enabled the bank to expand its products and services beyond banking. The platform also enabled Luiz to come up with more innovative strategies that helped the bank penetrate more regions faster. Luiz also gave all promoted executives the freedom to run their departments without much interference from him or the bank’s headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Executives started to work harder because they felt they were part of the bank’s success.

Bradesco Regains Its First Position

Luiz’s strategies and skills saw Bradesco become a force to reckon with. In 2015, Luiz came up with a plan that would help his bank become a global powerhouse. The plan also promised to help Bradesco regain its first position. With the approval of Lazaro Brandao, Luiz Trabuco bought the Brazilian branch of HSBC in a deal that valued the branch at $5 billion. The acquisition was great and was among the largest acquisitions in the country that year. The two banks, Bradesco and the Brazilian branch of HSBC, had a combined market share that was three times that of Bradesco’s rival, Itau Unibanco. Bradesco regained its first position and was now stronger than ever.

Education And Career

Born on October 9, 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended the University of Sao Paulo, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. After university, when he was 18, Luiz went to work for Bradesco and severed as a clerk. In 1984, Luiz was elected as a Director, a position he until 1999. Thanks to his relentless leadership skills, Luiz was appointed as Bradesco’s Vice President in 1999. He worked together with Marcio Cyriono, who was the bank’s President then, and the two leaders established foundations and plans that made the bank future-ready. In 2009, Luiz took over from Marcio and became the fourth President of the bank.

Luiz Leads A Simple Life

Luiz is ranked among the highest-paid executives in the country with a compensation package of more than $1 million. However, despite being a multi-millionaire, Luiz leads a simple life and spend most of his money on charity.

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Jason Hope: Positive Outlook for the Future October 3, 2017

Jason Hope is an American businessman and entrepreneur who also work as a commentator, a tech writer and a futurist. Jason Hope strong advocate of the Internet of Things, stating that the future will never be complete without them. The Internet of Things, according to him, will be the ultimate face of the future. According to Jason Hope, he is looking forward seeing the future because it is a place where possibilities and opportunities are endless. He is excited with the potential of the future, stating that many inventions and innovations will be introduced to man when that time comes.

The Internet of Things is a concept that has been introduced years ago, but with the advancement of technology, the concept which was previously conceived to be impossible has turned into reality. The Internet of Things is a system in which devices are connected to each other wirelessly, communicating altogether to perform a specific task. Scientists and researchers of the past managed to develop the wireless technologies we know today, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Devices which are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable can connect wirelessly with other devices, performing a single task. They can also connect themselves to the internet to download the latest updates on their system. The computer system prime example of how the Internet of Things works. It accessories and the main computer itself can connect with each other wirelessly, but they are still part of a single unit that performs a single task. According to Jason Hope, the role of the Internet of Things will be greater in the future. He states that all items will be able to communicate with each other in the near future, and more devices and appliances will have the ability to connect to the internet. He also stated that with this rate of development that technology is experiencing, even the far flung areas of the world will be able to use the advance technologies that are using the Internet of Things.

The young Jason Hope was influenced by his favorite science fiction themed films and television shows. It encouraged him to believe that the future is bright, and that humanity will progress through time. He built a company which aims to help inventors turn their ideas into reality. He is also encouraging children to use their ideas to formulate an invention that will be beneficial to men. His company is receiving a lot of proposals from people who have grand ideas for devices that can be used in the future. Jason Hope would then cherry pick which idea or invention can be created using the existing technologies found on Earth. He believes that by supporting the idea of an individual, the future can become better for everyone.

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Securus Technologies and Their Commitment to Safety September 29, 2017

If you want to discover perhaps the most dangerous job in the world, try putting on a police officer’s uniform and working inside and overcrowded prison packed with violent gang members who have little regard for authority. These inmates will jump at the chance to hurt an officer because it gets out some of their aggression and it gives them credibility with their fellow inmates.


For these reasons and more, we have to be working extra carefully to be sure that we are not sent to the emergency room or worse when we should be just putting in our hours at our job.


Last year the prison signed up with Securus Technologies to get their inmate telephone monitoring system installed, and today I can say it was one of the best decisions our company made. The team at Securus Technologies have already installed this same system in well over a thousand jails, and once the LBS software is implemented, officers have an invaluable resource at their disposal. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, continues to push his employees to making this world safer for each and every one of us.


To give you a good idea why me and my fellow officers have become so dependent on the call monitoring system, lets talk about what type of issues we avoiding this month alone. The LBS system alerted my team one day that an inmate was meeting his sister in the visitor center when he was hoping to receive a bag of heroin from her. We intercepted a call where one inmate had gotten an order from the soldiers on the street to hurt a rival gang member. We ever were able to discover the hiding places of weapons in the yard that could have been used on me or my fellow officers in the blink of an eye.


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David McDonald, Taking the Time to Build a Robust Empire September 18, 2017

OSI Group, a food processing company has more than evolved thanks to David McDonald’s great contribution. As the President and CEO of OSI Industries, David McDonald has been able to engineer strategies that have made the manufacturer of foods rich in protein more relevant. As a company that has setup base in the United States of America, OSI has been able to penetrate both local and international markets in equal measure. Today, OSI Group has deep roots in China, having served the Chinese community for more than two decades.

David McDonald attributes the success of OSI Group to two factors. First and foremost, OSI Group would not be as successful as it is today if did not take the time to appreciate different cultures. As a company with branches in the Europe, China, and America, OSI Industries has succeeded because it has found a way of understanding different market cultures. In so doing, the food processor has more than delivered to local communities, making the institution a darling to many.

Presently, OSI Group has a profound presence in more than seventeen countries from across the globe. With the state of the art management system, success has always been inevitable for OSI Group. Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Industries has always been on the lookout for newer and better opportunities to foster its expansion. Thanks to the innovativeness of David McDonald, OSI Group now fully owns Baho Food, a Dutch food processing company that specializes in the production of deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods.

Because of such an acquisition, OSI Group has since extended its reach to most parts of Europe, making the company famous above and beyond. One thing that has made OSI Industries and its affiliates stand out from the rest of the crowd is its ability to provide clients with quality products and services. For thirty years, David McDonald has ensured that all items produced and distributed by the processor are never contaminated, something that has mostly helped build the reputation of OSI Group.

By partnering with Baho Food, OSI Group now has superior products and services than before. Despite the significant acquisition, OSI Group has still retained most of Baho’s employees and leaders, maintaining close working relationships to realize a robust brand. It is without saying that David McDonald has been instrumental in the success of OSI Industries, watching the company transition from one stage to the other.

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Adam Milstein Continues to Fight for Israel and the Jewish People September 15, 2017

Adam Milstein is a well known philanthropist. After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and earning a Bachelor’s degree from the Technion, Adam Milstein moved to the United States in 1981. He studied at USC for around two years, where he got his MBA. He started working at Hager Pacific Properties as a sales agent. He worked his way up until he became a managing partner. Hager Pacific Properties owns over two billion dollars worth of real estate portfolio around the country.He started the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation with his wife, Gila.

He did it because he noticed that Israeli citizens living in the United States needed help. He also wanted to help Jewish Americans connect with their heritage and roots. It has issued over seventy five grants to various organizations. It helps support Students Supporting Israel. It helps organize students to support Israel on college campuses. It helps organize protests against those who are holding BDS protests which harm Israel. He also helped found the Israeli-American Council. According to Forbes Magazine, it is one of the fastest growing Jewish organizations.

Adam Milstein was named as one of the top one hundred people who help influence Jewish life in America. Andrea Levin, who works for CAMERA, which Adam Milstein also supports, says that Adam Milstein is an astute philanthropist and an important leader for the Jewish people.Adam Milstein is also a writer and a speaker. He writes for various publications. He is also an activist. As opposed to just writing checks or sitting as a figurehead on some organization, Adam goes out there and actively involves himself in the organizations and goals he supports. He was named as one of the Top 200 Do-Gooders in the World. Adam is a strong supporter of the fight against anti semitism and bigotry around the world.

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